Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Guest Post: Entertaining Your Vegan Guests

Hey peeps, as you know I am without internet for a while, so I'm grateful for all the guest posts I have posted and are due to be posted. Its making things a little easier having some posts lined up for you guys. Todays is all about cooking for Vegan guests something I love to do but others not so much, maybe this will give you a helping hand...........

Entertaining Your Vegan Guests

Entertaining guests can always be a bit tricky, especially if you’re not sure what to cook for them. Not only might your guests not have the same tastes as you, they may also have some quite specific requirements which you will need to be able to cater to.

Veganism is one of those food requirements which many of us may need to cater for at some point, when entertaining guests. For those of us who are already experienced at eating healthily, preparing vegan food may not be such a challenge. However for the rest of us, the prospect of finding something which is both vegan and delicious may be a bit daunting.

Finding Imaginative Vegan Recipe Ideas

Vegan cooking isn’t all about raw food and lettuce leaves! Far from it; vegan cooking can actually be as boring or as interesting as you want it to be. There are loads of amazing vegan recipe resources available online which make great use of vegetables, fruit, pulses, grains and animal product substitutes, such as vegan mayonnaise.

The most important part of coming up with a great vegan recipe idea for your guests is to be creative, and to have fun doing it! You could even ask your vegan guests to help you come up with a suitable meal idea, or invite them over early so you can all prepare the food together.

Do spend time researching what types of vegan recipes there are available, both in books and online. This will show your guests you care about serving them something nice, and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the variety of yummy vegan food there is.

Good Quality Cookware

If you’re going to prepare fantastic food for your guests, you’ll need good quality cookware to do it in! Whether it’s a casserole dish, steamer, sauté pan or saucepan, having the right tools for the job can make a world of difference when it comes to preparing beautiful, tasty and nutritious food. And a good set of cookware which can be easily cleaned will reduce the risk of cross-contamination between vegan and non-vegan foodstuffs.

Knowing how to use your cookware is also important, especially as it may sometimes be confusing as to what you should use for a particular style of cooking. Luckily there are many different types of online cookware guide which will tell you what type of cookware is most appropriate for each type of food preparation.


Do you feel overwhelmed when cooking for people with different food preferences to yourself or do you enjoy the challenge?

I definitely enjoy the challenge, I find it fun to research new recipes and food ideas : )

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