Sunday, 10 February 2013

Florence Knight Masterclass with Finish Quantum

Hello, finally phone and photos are all sorted! What a nightmare, last Wednesday my phone decided to take a swim in a toilet when I needed it most, ha lucky the toilet was clean! You see last Wednesday I was invited to London by the Finish team for a day of fun!

Other then my phone breaking I had the best day, I was in invited to spend the day with a professional chef and some other bloggers all in the name of Finish!

I had to get the train real early, this is what I wore : )

I had scrambled eggs and mushrooms for breakfast and enjoyed a coconut water on the train with a gossip mag on the train.

I arrived at my destination early so grabbed a coffee before walking to the house where the event was being held. The house was beautiful.........

And the kitchen was amazing! The light poured in through the sky lights which made it a bloggers heaven for taking photos (if you have a phone of course!)

There was fab yummy refreshments : )

The professional chef we had the pleasure of meeting was Florence Knight head chef from Polpetto London. She gave us a cooking masterclass and I picked up some fab tips!

We made tiramisu, meatballs and a potato and octopus dish. I have to admit I couldn't eat a lot of what we made but Florance was kind enough to put some plates of food together for me so I didn't starve!

I couldn't eat mine but it was fun to make!

Not too shabby, ha

I did get to try some of this octopus dish, which might I add was really yummy. I chopped some of those herbs!

The house was so beautiful and meeting other bloggers was really fun. I actually hadn't read any of the other blogs so it was great getting to know some other people who I probably wouldn't have if I didn't go to this event. The only scary moment about this particular meet up was we all had to be filmed talking about our blogs! Jeez I totally crumble when put on the spot, I had to go and talk (alone, other then a director and camera man!) to a director who asked me questions about my blog and about me. I found it quite hard to be honest as I am not one to big myself up but I got through it and had a fab day.

A big thank you to Finish Quantum for putting on the event and to their photographer Charlotte who took some of these beautiful pictures, thankfully as my camera was dead! All the bloggers were sent out the product previous to the masterclass to test. I have to admit its actually pretty good especially the Finish Quantum power gel tablets. If you have a dishwasher I would definitely recommend buying them as they even work on an eco wash which is pretty rare!

This was the first proper "blogger" event I have been to and it was lots of fun, I'm looking forward to doing more things like this in Salad and Sequins future! 

I will be back tomorrow with a fabulous post filled with lots of yummy food from the weekend and my workouts from this past week, till then x x


Do you go to lots of "blogger " events?

Most of the events I get asked to go to are in the evening and in London so I tend to say no, I'm s glad this was in the day and I got to experience it : )


  1. How exciting :)
    The only event I went to was when nakd launched their new flavours- it was good fun and more chilled out than I expected, but it was strange as a lot of the bloggers all knew each other , and I am not that good at meeting new people, (but then it turned out Phil from skinny latte was there so we did manage a chat).
    I have been invited to a couple but they have always been in the day and I can't have time off work, so I have had to say no. Luckily the nakd one was in the evening so I could go to London after work.

  2. This looks like so much fun! I would love to go to something like this when the timing is right. I've been invited to a few things like this but I've always been busy. Glad you had fun!

  3. Looks like it was a blast!

    I've not really been invited to any blogger events yet (my blog is still new-ish, plus the whole 'male fitness blogger who likes zombies' angle can't be that appealing to most companies who organise this kind of thing :P Definitely open to the prospect though, it looks like fun!