Thursday, 28 February 2013

Fantastic February

Oh my god its the last day of the month!!!!!!
I am so excited to begin March with a bang, I am finally getting used to my new routine of work and living in the new flat which means my INSANITY mission is back on the cards! I have a big March goals/year goals post coming tomorrow so I will leave all the details till then.

I have had a really fun February and done lots of fun stuff:

I went to London to take part in a cooking Masterclass with Florence Knight.
I made some delicious Blueberry Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday.
Me and Dale moved in together!
I had some great guest posts about salads, signing up to the gym, vegan cooking and Navel Gazing.

Plus a Fabulous Giveaway which you can still enter!!!!!

I have loads of stuff coming up too so stay tuned! Right lets talk about today the last day of February.......

I was early to get to my 6.30am spin class, it was a real thigh burner and when I got home I couldn't wait for breakfast! I had a bowl of protein oats which I have been enjoying since the weather turned cold again. I made this bowl of loveliness with 1/2 cup of oats, water and almond milk, 1 Tbsp of sun warrior vanilla and a small chopped banana once it was cooked I stirred in a large spoon of almond butter. Wow yummy in my tummy!

After breakfast I went to work and enjoyed a large coffee : )

For lunch I had a chickpea and brown rice vegan delight! 

I taught my fitness class after work and came home to a warm bowl of soup, a pretty productive day if I do say so myself, a very long day though hence the late night post! 

The last day of February has been a good one though, its been a great month and I am looking forward to the next. As I mentioned, tomorrow I will be here to share all my plans for March, for now I shall bid you goodnight x x x


How was your February, whats the best thing you did?

Mine is definitely the move!


  1. You have been busy!
    I think my highlight would have to be my pb in the Brighton half- it was a fab weekend anyway, but I had no idea I would manage to go that quick!

  2. I think my fave thing from Feb has to be Gok Wan, I wish they'd hurry up with the photos! Sounds like you have had a wonderful Feb, looking forward to seeing what you have planned for March!