Friday, 15 February 2013

Fabulous Stuff You Might Like to Try

Well I am here today with a Friday treat, as you read this I am probably wishing the hours away at work before picking up the keys to my new flat! I had this post saved for today as I new I wouldn't be around to blog. I mentioned in a previous post about doing reviews in one big post to stop my blog becoming one review after the other so here it! I'm sure there are some products here you will love or even like to try...........

First up is this really comfortable sorts bra from Shock Absorber:

Shock Absorber have a new bra out especially for the gym which gives support for a wide range of activities. When I was asked to review this latest bra I said a big YES as I love Shock Absorber and obviously love going to the gym! The top is a traditional crop top style made with soft, odour control fabric. I have tried the bra at the gym, going for a run and when teaching my fitness class and I can safely say this bra rocks! I love it, I love the colour the way it fits and the support it gives. I have been, some would say, blessed with a full bust and this is perfect for controlling it!

Next is 2 rather fab baking trays:

Firstly I will talk about the prettiest baking tray I have ever owned! I was sent a Great British Bakeware muffin tin to try out it claims to be completely non-stick so I tried it out at the weekend with my yummy egg muffins which you can read about here. Well true to its word my muffins came out leaving nothing on the tray and I didn't even spray oil it! Very impressed, I can't big this muffin tray up enough not only is it pretty but it works fabulously!

Secondly is the yorkshire pudding tray from Mermaid, I will admit I didn't use this for making a yorkshire pudding this is a work in progress but I did use it to make my yummy coconut bar at the weekend and again this is a really good quality tray. It claims to be scratch proof and yep it sure is! I am so pleased with this oven tray and am looking at their other products to kit out my new kitchen : )

Onto something tasty for the tongue..........

I was sent some Alibi drinks to try about a month ago here is what its all about:

"At Alibi, we believe that ‘prevention is better than cure’ which is why our original PRETOX drinks are designed to protect and prepare the body for an active day or night.

Packed full of nutrition, intensely rehydrating and available in two light and refreshing flavours, Original Citrus and Superfruit Pomegranate – Alibi is the ultimate health fix for busy people on-the-go.

Made with ZERO caffeine, NOTHING artificial and HIGH QUANTITIES of all the most important nutrients on the market, Alibi is designed to work from the inside out – preparing your body to take on whatever you choose to throw at it.

Be good, be bad – but whatever you do, have an Alibi."

I have been using these drinks before workouts when I need a little extra energy or before my fitness class when I've got home late with no time for a snack before teaching. I have to say I really like them, I like the taste and the fact they don't give me a weird tummy like most sport style drinks. Both flavours are really nice and I definitely feel a pick me up after having one. I can see myself buying these from the shops for sure.

Something saucy...........

Next up I want to tell you about S'aussie's BBQ and Sweet Chilli sauce. S'aussie is an Australian food company wanting to bring their taste to us and hello they do! Both these sauces are bad ass! I made marinated chicken with the BBq sauce which was insanely good. The BBq sauce has a real twang to it and is a total winner with the boy. Then again the sweet chilli sauce was even more of a hit I made paleo "breaded" chicken and used the sauce for dipping amazing! You can see both meals here. I think once my samples are used I am going to have to buy more just to keep Dale happy! 


I received the above PurePharma vitamins nearly 2 months ago now and have been taking them each night with dinner. I haven't noticed any huge changes but one thing I am sure of is if I'm feeling a little run down I take these and feel better a lot quicker then usual. I can also tell these vitamins are good quality as they don't give me belly ache! I sometimes take vitamins and they give me real gut ache but not these. Again once I have finished my pots I will be buying more to keep me in tip top condition!

Last but not least lets talk Granola!

Lizi's Organic Granola to be precise. Well if you have tried this then you know its just so yum. Lizi used to make this exact granola for guests in her bed and breakfast they all told her to "bag it and sell it" which is exactly what she did. It has been mad with a low glycemic index so it doesn't affect your blood sugar and keeps you fuller for longer. The granola can be used in other recipes such as flapjacks or as I like to eat straight up with some chilled almond milk, so good! As you can tell I really enjoyed this granola and I will definitely be trying the others in the range : )

Phew! There we have it my giant February review post over and out, I am very grateful to all the companies that have sent things over for me to try its been pretty awesome and I've had loads of fun trying them all out. Luckily for me all the products have been fabulous so a BIG BIG thank you!!


Have you tried any of the above products?

What did you think?


  1. I tried that shock absorber too- I thought it was fab, although I am not convinced about it being good enough for when I run, and so far I have stuck to my trusty shock absorber run bra instead.
    Hope the move goes well! :)

    1. I found it good for running but u always wear 2 bra tops when I run to stop the bounce!

      Thank you x x

  2. I was sent the same Lizi's ganola too. It's so addictive!

  3. I was sent that same granola, so addictive!

  4. Lots of lovely stuff! I have the shock absorber sports bra as well and love it! Hope the big move goes well this weekend!

    1. I love the colour too!

      Thank you fingers crossed it goes smoothly!

  5. I have been following your blog and loved all the healthy recipes you have shared but hope your blog stays true to your original concept and not becoming inundated with all these testing and endorsing every product you are sent

    1. Thank you for following, that is why I will be doing one review post a month. I like to do the reviews to share new products with my readers that they may find useful or like to try. But I too don't want my blog to be a mass of reviews so 1 review post a month I think works. : )

  6. Oh good, as love your blog but was worried it might just become a host of tried and tested :)