Friday, 25 January 2013

Wooooohooooo Its Friday!

Wooooohooooo its Friday, I'm excited even though I have to work both days of the weekend! I"m really looking forward to seeing my Brighton clients tomorrow and Sunday, I missed them last weekend due to the weather so its full steam ahead over the next 2 days, body blitz! Me and Dale should also find out about the flat this weekend, if we can have it for sure so very exciting but also very scary. Anyways lets talk food, I had no time to say hi yesterday so I have Thursdays food and most of today's........

Thursday started with a plate of scrambled egg, mushroom and pepper cooked in coconut oil

When I got to work I had coffee. 
We have a new machine at work that makes the best fresh coffee its so good : )

Mid morning I ate this new to me bar, no added sugar, gluten and dairy free. I really enjoyed this bar not to sweet like a lot of the shop bought ones you get.

For lunch I had some chickpea and rice salad with lettuce 

Oh and 2 of these mini caramel eggs!

Dale made a delicious dinner which was just what I needed after a tough workout class I taught my lean ladies! Moroccan chicken drizzled with tahini and served with steamed veggies. SO GOOD!

This morning I had a bowl of coconut blueberry oats topped with toasted pine nuts, this was a taste sensation and I shall be indulging in this again pretty soon : )

Mid morning I had a mini energy bar (its a little one I had left over in the freezer)

Then for lunch I had a tuna and quinoa salad with lettuce and pepper sticks. 

I'm glad to report I am loving my new job, there is loads to learn so I am busy all day which is great, very different from my last job. I definitely made the right choice in moving jobs and it being in Hastings now all I need is that flat and life will be pretty damn good : )

Have a nice weekend peeps x x x


Any weekend plans?


  1. Yes I am so glad the weekend is here too :)
    I don't have much to do this weekend, but that is good as I have had a few busy ones recently. Just need to get out and do a long run tomorrow.

  2. Glad things are all going well for you! We were out in town this morning seeing my sis in law for coffee and then out tonight for a meal for my dad and sisters birthdays, there's a burger with my name on it!

  3. Fingers crossed for the flat, how exciting!!!