Sunday, 27 January 2013

Weekend Gone Already!

Well that weekend flew by didn't it!? Which means we are coming up to the last few days of January, I think its fair to say this is another year that's going to go pretty damn quick. I am very excited about 2013 though, I am sure its also going to be fabulous, I'll just have to wait and see I suppose! 
Right shall we talk food, I took the day off blogging yesterday and decided to leave my food pics to instagram so I have most of my eats from today......

This morning I didn't have to drive to Brighton till 9.30am which gave me plenty of time to eat breakfast in bed! I had a bowl of blueberry coconut oats, apple sauce and toasted pumpkin seeds, so good and really filling. I also had a large coffee before leaving. 

I had two clients to train in Brighton and by the time I had finished it was lunch so to keep me going I had an apple and some oats cakes then drove home.

When I got home I made some tuna with a little salad cream (love it!) and carrot sticks for dipping, there may have been some almond butter and rice cake action too.......

Dale was out for the day but managed to get back before the gym closed so we went and had a leg/back weighted workout together. I love that we can work out together, having a gym and running buddy is fun : )

Back home there was a protein explosion for dinner! Curried onion quinoa with 2 large boiled eggs and broccoli. Wow this was so SO good, definitely hit the spot.

Now time to chillax with the boy and Dexter, which is getting crazy! I have got out of posting my weekly workouts is that something you like to see/read about on here? I quite like posting them because its quite encouraging to see my weeks achievements but I wonder if its interesting to you?


Weekly workouts?

Would you like to see them posted?


  1. Enjoy Dexter :)
    I would like to read about your weekly workout schedule- I find that sort of thing interesting.

  2. I like to see weekly workouts!