Thursday, 10 January 2013

Urban Fruit

Good Morning!
I'm popping in early today to share another review I have been meaning to do for a while  and with my fitness class later after work I wont have time to come by later............

The lovely people at Urban Fruit offered to send me some of their hand picked and gently baked fruits. I don't generally buy dried fruit because its often covered in oil and sugar but I thought I'd give these a try. I had seen them in the shops and loved the packaging but never actually bought any.

I was sent a bag of pineapple, mango, super berry mix and cherries. I have to say I really do love the packaging, its eye catching and feels good in your hand!

The mango got eaten by me and Dale as a car snack. Perfect for taking out with you for a snack and a big thumbs up from the boy and me for taste. Chewy and delicious just like the pineapple to be honest, that got eaten on Christmas day by me and some friends.

I was also sent a bag or super berry which tasted great in a bowl of coconut oats and the cherries went in...........

This energy bar! Well the pack was split in half for 2 energy bars I baked you can get the recipe here.
They tasted great in the bar and weren't too sweet, perfect!

All in all I have to give these bags of loveliness a shout out for being DELICIOUS!
They are baked and have no added sugar or preservatives and you can tell because they just taste good. If you haven't eaten any of the range I would definitely say do, you wont be disappointed.


Have you tried Urban Fruit?


  1. I tried the cherry Urban Fruit pack last week as my healthy snack while doing a week long Harry potter marathon..... I ate the whole pack within half the movie. They're so tasty!


  2. Yum I love them! I always use the cherries in baking, and the mango is amazing on its own. :)

    1. The cherries really are great for baking!

  3. I haven't tried them, but your energy bars look delicious!

    1. Oh you should definitely give them a go : )