Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Soft Boiled Eggs Hmmmmmmm

Hello hump day readers! 
I hope your Wednesday isn't too humpy though, mine has started very casually breakfast in bed with some account sorting, hair washing and a big coffee. I do have lots to do though before heading to work this afternoon, this post, make soup and energy bars oh and sort out my hair which takes ages! I guess I better talk food so I can crack on with other things....

This Tuesday's food, I had the day off again other than one client in the evening so I had a kind of lazy day with Dale, he was off work too........

In the morning after a little lay in we had breakfast. Soft boiled eggs topped some sweet onion ryvita and yes there was tomato sauce added after this photo!

Once our breakfast had settled we went to the gym for a PHA session + some abs. Total killer but great workout!

When we got back from the gym we freshened up and had the last of our soup for lunch and a energy bar before going to see another flat. Boooooo it was hideous, but its fun going to look at places together. We're quite lucky that we have time to look and really find the perfect place. I can't wait to move!!!!!

After training my clients dinner was calling so we had another simple meal of veggie noodles topped with a chickpea mish mash. Perfect : )

There we have it a yummy Tuesday of foods if I do say so myself! 
Have a great day x x x


How do you like your eggs?

I'm loving soft boiled right now or egg white cinnamon omelets yum!


  1. Soft boiled eggs are not that easy to cook but you definitely nail it. Looks amazing!

  2. i tried two chicks egg white in a smoothie this morning - quite liked it. Didn't taste them in it & got a huge protein hit. Shame they are so expensive. Am tempted to try buying a larger carton online. Other than that i like whole eggs every way really, other than fried. I can eat soft boiled eggs whole, on their own :)

    Do you have a spiraliser for your veg? I've been things about getting a simple one.

    1. No but I really want one! I use a peeler x

  3. I love boiled eggs. The centres on yours look so

  4. I have never been a fan of hard boiled eggs but I do like soft boiled ones with soldiers, I think I need them back in my life!

  5. Ooh I've never tried those sweet onion ryvita, I bet they're delicious with eggs!

  6. yeah i like
    my yolks sticky too

  7. I can't remember the last time I successfully made a soft boiled egg - they're either hard boiled or completely undercooked - I can't win! My eggs of choice at the moment ate poached eggs with black pepper - yum!!