Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Porridge Lovin

Popping in to say a quick hello, so how are we all on this very damp and windy Tuesday?
I'm fine and all dried out after my morning adventures, but I have to leave again very soon so I'm gonna make this short and sweet.

This morning I had a client at 6am and then I planned to go to the gym, no early for breakfast so I drank this alibi drink half way through my clients session to give me some fuel for the gym workout I had planned. I have some more info and a review about these drinks for you in my February review post.......

I did a killer workout at the gym. Biceps, triceps and abs followed by some cardio. It was a very sweaty muscle killing workout, perfect way to start my day!

Came home and had the best breakfast to feed my growling tummy, creamy oats topped with almond butter and apple sauce. I am loving porridge right now, must be the cold weather and the fact I have a big tub of almond butter that tastes insanely good on it! YUMMERS!

The morning was spent at my dads, I took my car in for a service to the garage next door to him which meant I could hang out for a good few hours to chat and drink coffee : )

Car sorted I came home and had some homemade soup with ryvita for dipping then I made some energy bars!

They obviously had to be tried! They need a little work but tasty all the same : )

That's all for today, I have to go train my sister and her hubby, have a fab rest of Tuesday!


Favorite porridge ad ins?


  1. Fave porridge add ins for me have to be coconut milk and almond butter, oh and berries are always good!

  2. Hmm, such a hard choice. I like to cook porridge with some fruit- either chopped apple, pear, frozen cherries, or dried fruit. And then for a treat stir in some of that meridian mincemeat, or a tsp peanut butter.

  3. Cardiff is still pretty damp, so porridge is the best way to start the day :) Bananas are my all time favourite add-in, but sometimes strawberry jam does the job (for when I'm feeling indulgent)


  4. I love adding cinnamon and nut butters.

  5. I love adding cinnamon and nut butters.