Monday, 28 January 2013

Popchip Monday!

Tonight I have a very belated Popchips review to share with you. This is also the last individual review I plan to do here on Salad and Sequins. Like many bloggers I get sent lots of new products to try out and I also like to buy new things I see to share with you but I don't want this blog to be a string of reviews. So I have taken a leaf out of Laura's book and decided from next month I will be doing one review post which will include any new products I have been sent or bought.

Anyway lets get to this very tasty review..........

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to be sent a big box of Popchips to try out, this included all the flavors: original, barbeque, thai sweet chilli, sea salt and vinegar and sour cream and onion!

Previous to this review I had only tried the original flavor popchips which were delicious so I was very excited to try the other flavors. So were my family as these were new to them but being crisp lovers I knew they would be happy to try : )

I have to admit all the flavors are really REALLY tasty, I love the fact popchips are popped not fried so they have all the taste but less of the fat. This makes eating them all better, they go well with dips or on their own and are great for sharing whilst watching a movie which happened quite a lot over the festive season! If I had to pick a favorite flavor it would have to be barbeque with original coming a close second but I would be happy with any of them, so good!

I also discovered they are great for taking on the road when you have a long car journey, especially when that journey is with your boyfriend! Dale loved these tasty snacks and I think would happily eat them all day everyday : )

To sum up Popchips if you didn't get it are really tasty so if you have yet to try them get ya self a bag pronto! You wont regret it that's for sure my only wish is for them to be available in more shops as I don't have a retailer in my town, I treat myself to bag when I head to Brighton though! 


Have you tried Popchips, do ya love um?

I do!


  1. I love Popchips, they don't leave your hairs all greasy like regular crisps. Definitely need to try the barbecue flavour! x

  2. I love them, especially the salt and vinegar flavour- yum.

  3. I adore Popchips. They are very addictive and I love all of the flavours.