Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pimped Up Pink Oats + Forks Over Knives DVD Review and Alternate Day Diet Review

Well many believe that January is a depressing month, post Christmas blues and the reality of how much the festive season cost, I can safely say that doesn't apply to moi! This month has started great for me and this week its just getting better. My 2013 Goals have got off to a great start and I am really excited about starting my new job tomorrow!!!

I have had today off which has been fab so far. This morning after Dale left early for work I couldn't get back to sleep, I made a hot water with lemon and sliced fresh ginger then got back into bed to watch a DVD I was sent ages ago to review. You can read all about it below. 
I also had a coffee and a rice cake with a smear of almond butter before doing my Insanity fit test. The results weren't as bad as I thought they would be but I have definitely gone down a few reps!

After my test I showered then sat down and enjoyed this bowl of loveliness. I pimped up the pink oats today by adding some manuka honey a dollop of no not poop almond butter! Ha ha
Today is a two workout kind of day so I thought some pimped up oats wouldn't go a miss : )

I got ready, threw some diamonds in my hair then went out to my dads to do car stuff. I had to get my tire changed and get oil, stuff dads love to help their daughters with!

I did treat paps to a coffee though, an amaretto one no less. I had the same but asked for a half portion of syrup which is actually a little sweet but a full serving is undrinkable to me.

I took my dad home and he treated me to a small slice of his homemade GF sweet mincemeat bakewell, OMG so good! Then it was home again for me and a while later I heated up some soup for lunch. 

I have a couple of reviews to share with you now.............

I was sent this DVD to review a little while ago and finally got the chance to watch it this morning. Forks over Knives is a documentary that investigates the growing problem with obesity and other related health issues. It looks into treating these health issues through diet and exercise and shows how you can transform your life from being sick and unwell to healthy with very little health issues. This documentary is showing us by having a mainly plant based vegetarian/vegan diet you can live a better life.

I really enjoyed this film, its shocking how many people are suffering with obesity in America alone and by just changing their diet they could live a healthy life. I find people are far more willing to pop a pill then actually take on the challenge themselves. But like most health and fitness professionals this dvd shows the tests that these particular doctors did and I'm sure there are loads of people out there that believe a diet heavy in meat and other proteins is far better then this one which is mainly plant based. 

If you would like to watch this and take in all the statistics and decide for yourself the DVD is released on the 14th January by Crystal Lake Entertainment.
If your into food its definitely worth a watch!

My next review is about a new diet book I was sent to read just before Christmas......

I love to read about new diets so when I was contacted about reviewing the Alternate Day Diet I said a big YES PLEASE! You may have watched the BBC2 documentary called Eat Fast, Live Longer, which was all about fasting to help you to love longer and lose weight. After reading this book it does make sense but is that because your eating less so of course your going to lose weight? It also made me think is this sustainable? Eating your normal food one day then eating half your daily calories then next, I'm not sure with all the exercise I do that I wouldn't feel faint. I am at the moment doing some more research on this after listening to Dr Michael Mosley (he was in the BBC2 documentary). Plus of you follow my blog you know I love a new foodie challenge! This book was released on the 3rd January and can be bought here. Why not have a read and see what you think. 

I do believe we are all different though and have different dietary needs to each other depending on whats going on inside each of us. I for one know how difficult it can be trying to find out what works best for your body, it can be a long journey but once you find it keep up whatever it is. I'm still on  that journey but its becoming a lot clearer and I think I'm nearly there which is a great feeling : )

I hope you have enjoyed my reviews, I have a gym date with Dale tonight so I better go get ready.


Have you heard about Forks over Knives, do you like these kind of documentaries?

Have you read the Alternate day diet, whats your views on it?


  1. I am sure I have watched Forks over Knives on Netflicks before- I wonder if it is being released for the UK and I saw the US one? I thought it was so interesting anyway and really showed what a positive impact food can have on health if followed in the right way.

  2. They were supposed to send me that film as well but I never received it! I've read stuff on that diet as well, I'm pretty sceptical about it but as you say some things work well for some people and things are always worth a try. Personally I think I'd be eating my own arm off!

  3. The diet does sound interesting but I can't imagine it's sustainable. Surely a person should just eat balanced all the time? But interesting nonetheless I guess.
    I love your pink oats!

  4. I watched the programme about intermitant fasting and found it very interesting. I'm not interested in it because of the weight loss- of course if you don't eat for a day you will lose weight! But is more down to the claims that it makes you live longer, and wards of diseases. I've done a bit of reading on the subject, but need to do more, and I might give it a go. I need to figure out how long my fasting window should be. However there are reports that suggest that the some good side affects don't apply to women as it can mess up menstrual cycle.

    1. I'm doing some more research too they claims of lower cancer risks and stuff is very interesting : )

  5. A half time diet sounds good in my books! I don't think I could ever go full vegetarian, but I really need to up my veg intake.The Forks over Knives DVD sounds really interesting :)


    1. I agree half time dieting is way more appealing!

  6. Loved the pimped up pink oats! Intermittent fasting sounds really interesting. I've been hearing quite a lot about it, and different versions of intermittent fasting diets (the 2 day diet/fast diet/5:2 diet). I'm not too sure about doing the alternative day diet, but I'm going to read more about it, so thanks for the heads up. I want to try one of these diets but I think it's about finding one that works for you like you, and what's going on inside you, as you say Tamzin; but I also think it's about what's going on outside of you and around you. The rhythm of my life would makes certain diets significantly harder than others!