Thursday, 17 January 2013

No car And Lots Of Carbs

Popping in with s very quick hello tonight, its been a long day and I still have lots to do!
I woke up early to get ready for work, I also had to walk to my sisters this morning to catch a ride as my car broke!

Before leaving I had a protein packed breakfast, sardine and egg scramble with spinach.

Mid morning snackage  came in the form of a homemade energy bar, new recipe not quite perfect yet though!

There was also some black coffee action

Lunch was rice and chickpea salad with more spinach : )

I walked home from work which took just under 50 minutes then quickly got changed and ate a quick snack, oat cake and almond butter, before teaching my fitness class.

After class I had a bowl of homemade soup and ryvita

Carbtastic day! I'm loving my carbs at the moment, maybe because I was eating paleo for ages I am hungry for carbs! Fingers crossed the predicted snow isn't too bad down south and I can get my car sorted this weekend, its a nightmare not having a car! I think it just needs recharging from no use and then getting cold.......lets hope so anyway!

Ok time to say goodnight and get stuff sorted for tomorrow, have a fab Friday!!!!!


Do you have a car, could you live without it?!

I will be totally honest and say if I didn't need a car for work then I just wouldn't drive, I'm not that keen on driving but its a must for now : )


  1. The homemade energy bar looks yummy! I don't have a car anymore, hope yours gets fixed soon. x

  2. I don't drive and walk to work and back everyday (40 mins each way). I don't have the crazily early starts that you do, so I can understand your need for driving! I love walking, as as my job involves talking to people all day, every day, it's nice to have that time to be silent and think or listen to music. x

  3. Oh no poor you.
    I need my car for work- I think there is a bus that goes from about a mile away, but it takes at least an hour, plus I sometimes need to go to other places for courses and things like that, so I rely on my car a lot. I have shops about a mile away so I tend to walk to those places.

  4. wow! looks delicious.

    im snowed into my house so effectively have no car, and i could really use a meal like this right now! haha :)

    have a lovely weekend xx

  5. I couldn't live without my car now that we live in a village and are a bit more isolated. Hope you get you car sorted soon!

  6. Ah sucks about you're car. I often forget how much I rely it. I would never get to work which is like 45 mins away!

  7. Hope your car got sorted, I'd be lost without mine but I think I'd cope, well for about a day!