Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Male Fitness/Food Bloggers and a Box of Treats

Hello on this chilly hump day, I hope your all wrapped up warm! 
Today's post is a bit of a shout out/review for a fellow blogger. You may have already come across Jamie's blog Zombie Food to Zombie Fit which is all about getting fit before the Zombie apocalypse! Its quite refreshing to read a health and fitness blog written by a man especially as pretty much all of the blogs I read are written by women! 

Jamie is also part of the blogging team at After reading the goals I set myself at the beginning of the month Jamie got in touch and offered to send me a box of healthy stuff to keep up my motivation, I obviously jumped at the offer!

Gosh I was really spoilt with my box of goodies!

I was so excited to see The Hairy Dieters cookbook! I watched some of the TV programme's and really liked the look of some of the dishes. I also really liked the Wellness journal, I have actually been thinking about using a tracker/journal so this is going to come in really handy. The special K bars were given to the boy as they include wheat so no good for me but there were no complaints from Dale!

There were some other really useful goodies in the box, measuring cups and spoons!!! I have been thinking lately I need knew ones so these couldn't have come at a better time.

The box had some electric scales, always handy, as well as some green tea and blueberries. So very spoilt indeed, I am looking forward to baking with my new stuff and looking through the recipe book. It will be all the better in my new kitchen too! 

Again a BIG thank you to Jamie for sending this over, its been a definite motivator to stay on track!
If you get the time pop over to see Jamie's blog its a great read : )


Do you read many blogs written by men?

I think I follow about 3! 
One of which is only part written by a man but is one of my favorite blogs, if you haven't checked out The Iron You do it now! This is such a great blog full of great info and amazing mouth watering recipes : )


  1. That was so cool of Jamie. Congrats on your fitness goals and I wish you all the best. I started my own fitness journey last year after many years of committing myself verbally but never actively. I took up running, supplemented by cardio, better eating and weights and lost 54 pounds. For the start of the journey I never thought I would really get that far and I'm so glad I stuck with it. I ran a half-marathon in November. I've followed Jamie's progress and have enjoyed having him and others online as people that help keep me accountable to my goals.

  2. I honestly haven't read a blog written by a man before, how bad is that!

  3. What a great box, bet it cheered up your day :) I hadn't seen that blog before but it looks awesome, love the premise too.