Monday, 14 January 2013

Make Shift Apple Crumble

Good morning  to you on this Snowy Monday, well trying to snow shall we say. Its not too bad in my neck of the woods which I'm quite grateful for, I have to admit I love the snow if I don't have to go anywhere like today but it causes so many problems that I can happily live without it! 

My weekend has been good even though I worked both days, great thing is though now I have my new job it means my weekend work is finished by 12ish so the rest of the day can be enjoyed doing stuff I want to do. I am hoping by March that I will be able to have every Sunday off, that"s the plan anyway! Ok lets talk food...........

Saturday morning I had to drive to Brighton early to get to my first client so I had breakfast before:

Blueberry oats topped with almond butter, YUM!
This fueled me through the morning until lunch anyway : )

I had an urge calling for tuna mayo so we had sweet pots, tuna mayo and spinach which was perfect. 
Calling sorted!

Later on in the afternoon there was some popchip action. I have to say this flavor gets a big thumbs up from me and Dale so yummy!

For dinner I had a bowl of homemade squash and lentil soup with some sweet onion ryvita.
I have to admit there was some unpictured chocolate eaten on Saturday night.

Sunday I worked in Brighton again, I took one of my raw bars with me for breakfast and lunch was soup again then after a sweaty gym session me and Dale came home to make a delicious dinner..........

This was insanely good, courgette and carrot noodles topped with a chickpea mash up. Delicious yes but there was definitely room for pudding!

Make Shift Apple Crumble

This was so good I knew I had to share the recipe with you guys especially as its a healthy pudding!

The apples were cooked in a nonstick pan with a little coconut oil and a Tbsp of sweet mince.

The "crumble" was oats, coconut, pumpkin seeds and cinnamon all mixed up together then dry fried in a non stick pan. 

Once the apples had softened and the crumble top had browned (this happens quickly!) the make shift apple crumble had been created!

We finished it off with some coconut milk perrrrrrrrrfect!

Very easy to make and healthy so a win win : )

Today is a day off but I was still awake early so me and Dale decided to go for a wintery morning run. The snow stayed at bay until we got home thankfully, breakfast was definitely needed to warm our bones!

This is becoming my Monday morning go to breakfast, a healthy and filling way to start my week.

Cinnamon egg white omelet 
(Dale had the yolks as extras in his omelet)

And some fruity oats. Today I added some frozen blueberries and cinnamon to some oats made with water. 

As I mentioned today is a day off and it just so happens Dale is off too so we are hanging out talking flats. We had a viewing today actually not for us though, its getting even more exciting now we are looking at flats to rent! 


Do you have a healthy pudding your loving right now?

I'll definitely be making the make shift crumble again : )


  1. I love healthy apple pie, its such an easy, fast, tasty and healthy snack! I love it with greek yogurt!

  2. I've got to try your version of Apple Crumble: sounds too good to be true!

    1. Ooooo let me know if you do!!!

  3. That crumble sounds fab- I prefer the cooked fruit part to the actual crumble, and your graola style topping sounds far nicer.
    Glad you got your run in too- I thought I might but when I got home the paths were not clear- and way too slippery really.

  4. Love the sound of your crumble. I also have tried the new Popchips flavour and love it!

  5. I'm just eating lots of frozen berries mixed with greek yoghurt and almond milk then topped with a little syrup, it is so yum!

  6. Love the look of the apple crumble! So far I've stayed away from desserts as much as I can, but I've been tempted by apple slices with peanut butter.


    1. I love apple slices and almond butter!!

  7. That apple crumble looks so good! I've never tried a cinnamon egg white omelete..but I might just try it :)
    My favorite healthy pudding right now is cottage cheese, pumpkin, yogurt, sweetener, and vanilla almond milk! Plus tons of spices :)