Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Double Egg + Rice Milk Jelly Recipe

Hello from a very pleased blogger, my car got fixed whoop! I really noticed just how much I rely on my car these past few days, its a real necessity especially to my job. Thankfully it was just a flat battery but it reminds me I must get the damn thing serviced! Anyway that"s not all that happened today its been a good all rounder to be honest let me tell you why.......

My day started with an early morning gym session, a mix of cardio and a weights circuit then home for breakfast.

I made food scramble of eggs, mushrooms and peppers with oat cakes, this was so good. I love to have time in the mornings to make a cooked breakfast : )

The morning was spent sorting and boxing again but this time I had the company of my sister which was lovely, she even bought coffee round lucky old me! We got so much done and I got 3 large bags filled for charity which feels great. Before lunch we popped to the health food shop across the road to get something to fill our tums.

I got this chunk of tortilla (more egg!) which was real tasty and then we shared........

This slice of deliciousness! Gluten free almond tart, wow every bite was like heaven.

Hmmmmmm I guess quite a few of you would like to know how easy it is to make this delicious rice milk jelly?!

Well the wait is over just pop over to my blog post at Rice Dream and feast your eyes!

Another day down of this week, i have an early start tomorrow so its goodnight from me x


Do you eat much tortilla?

I never make tortilla but this chunk of triangle goodness reminded me i should make it more often!


  1. Double egg day! so glad your car is sorted Tam, bet that's a huge weight off your mind. Checking out the recipe now :)

  2. I love tortillas, looking forward to making them in the summer with roast veggies :-) Glad you car got fixed!