Thursday, 31 January 2013


Good Morning on the last day of January!!!!!!!
Wow the first month of the year has gone already and so much has happened, I definitely feel this year is going to be way better then the last. I'm very excited for 2013 even if its going to fly by!

I have the last 2 nights dinner to share with you today as they were so yummy and if I'm honest the only photos worthy of putting up!

Tuesday we had a Moroccan chicken breast, I covered the chicken in a little oil and moroccan spices then baked in the oven. It was served with coconut oil fried veggies and spinach. Delicious and super filling : )

Then last night we had vegan pesto veggies and quinoa topped with boiled eggs and some steamed broccoli on the side, yum

I have a long day today, first up work at 4Down (you can check out who I work for!) then I will be teaching my class. I have a killer circuit planned for tonight!

Hmmmmm I have just finished a big bowl of porridge with cinnamon, apple sauce and almond butter so I am definitely ready for my day. Have a fabulous Thursday peeps x x 


Have you got a favorite go to dinner at the mo?


  1. That chicken sounds good! My go to dinner at the moment is omelettes, mostly because they are simple to make and James likes them too!

  2. Your Morraccan chicken sounds delicious. I love steamed veggies in a delicious sauce.