Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Fabulous Weekend

Hey! I hope everyone has had as good a weekend as me!?
Firstly its been rain free, I worked my last day at the shop, went out for dinner with my favorite peeps at Pho and spent a great Sunday with the boy, all in all pretty damn good. Let me tell you in a little more detail..............

Saturday I worked my last day in the shop! Can't believe how quickly this came round.

I had a delicious lunch, sweet pot and hummus which I haven't eaten for AGES and broccoli stems. This was a winning combo and left me super full! I actually got to leave the shop early because my sister her hubby and Dale were over shopping and my boss said I could leave early and meet them. So nice of him, my manager really was a great guy and I'm gonna miss him and my other colleagues : )

I met the others and we walked round the shops for the afternoon then when our tummy's started to growl we headed to Pho for dinner. I love it there and the dinner didn't disappoint it was smiles all round.

This morning me and Dale had a little lay in before going to the gym. We did a fab tricep, bicep, shoulders and abs strength workout followed by 10 minutes on the cross trainer. Great way to start the day!

When we got back it was definitely time for breakfast and a big bowl of oats was what we both wanted.

Sweet mincemeat and coconut oats topped with toasted pumpkin seeds to be precise. Wow this was a bowl of heaven for sure so creamy and delicious : )

After breakfast we got ready and went to town to pick up a few things and look round the sales.

After a while I felt a bit snacky so picked up this box of coconut pieces from sainsburys. Its been a coconut kind of day, we popped in to see my papa a little later then came home to chill for the rest of the day. Perfect Sunday : )

I am looking forward to this week, getting my posts a little more organised, starting my new job and restarting insanity, bring it on!!!!!!!!


Have you had a fab weekend, what's been the best part for you?

Dinner at Pho and todays gym workout are top for me : )


  1. Gym is always the highlight of my weekend :)

  2. I love those coconut pieces from Sainsbo's, definitely better than trying to get into a whole coconut.

  3. Your food looks yum, especially the sweet potato and hummus.

    The best parts of my weekend were probably going for a walk with the bf, being able to run after a bit of a leg injury and watching 'Li of Pi' at the cinema. Now back to work :( X

    1. Ahhh I really wanna see that film!

  4. Mmmm I love hummus on a sweet potato.
    I loved that we had no rain over the weekend- I had a nice long run, a nice walk, lots of relaxing :)

    1. It really is good I had forgotten how much I loved it! Sounds like a fab weekend : )

  5. I've never been a big fan of coconut, but I've come to love the taste of sweet potato; I try to showhorn it into most meals where I can :)

    I tried my hand at ice skating on the weekend - only fell once, which is an amazing achievement for me :)


    1. Yay to ice skating!! I haven't been for ages : )