Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Feeding My Aloka Addiction

Yay to another fabulous day off!
I am loving my time away from the shop especially as the weather has been so glorious!

Today I had Bikram at 10am so plenty of time for breakfast before class especially as my body clock like me to get up nice and early!

My green/purple smoothie contained: almond milk, water, sun warrior, baobab, lots of spinach, peanut butter and lots of berries! Topped with organic west country spelt granola!

Class 29 of my challenge was good, my back is still really sore and restricted but after class and during today it has felt loads better so its definitely on the mend!

I went home to drop off my things and get changed before going to meet my friend Jonathan. He is over visiting from Berlin and came to Brighton to visit me for the afternoon : )

He got here at 1 so perfect time for lunch, he wanted health on a plate so I new exactly where to go.............


Yep I thought another lunch in Aloka would go down well, health on a plate for sure!

I had a plate full of gorgeousness, everything tasted so fresh, I love the rocket hummus

This little polenta cake was topped with sundried tomato pate and tasted fab!

The tofu red lentil dahl was real good too, well it was all fab actually I need a job there so I can eat there everyday! So if you ever looking : )

Lunch consumed and settled we went for a little walk then grabbed an iced coffee and took a seat in the sun. We sat for ages catching up on months of missed talking, it was lovely I miss my brother from another mother LOADS!

We did a little more walking lots more chatting then it was time for Jonathan to get the train.

For dinner I made a leek omelet with salad, this was yummy : )

I have been super snacky this evening and have eaten a couple of my cookie exchange cookies, they are so good! I'm looking forward to sharing them with you : )

I am off to Hastings tomorrow and staying there so no post tomorrow.

I am doing another juice detox starting Friday. Dale really wanted to do it and after some serious snack attacks lately I am feeling the need too, plus now i know what to expect I think it will be easier! I am slightly changing it and having thicker juices in the mornings before yoga to give me the energy for class but other than that I am keeping to the plan.


Whats the best thing you ate today?

My meal at Aloka wins hands down!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sunshine And Baking

Good evening, another amazing day of sun!
I feel so lucky to have taken some time off from the shop, with this sunshine beaming down on me its making it all the more delightful! Lucky as well that I have this time considering the muscle I pulled in my back, no fun standing/sitting around all day uncomfortably!

My day started with a giant green monster, not really green but by colour but green by ingredients! Laura over at Keeping Slim and Getting Stylish has set a green monster 7 day challenge and as I am a smoothie lover I thought I'd join in here's what went in:

almond milk, water, vanilla sun warrior, baobab, vanilla stevia, 2/3 handfuls spinach, 1 green apple and frozen berries. Topped with coconut and my new berry puff spelt cereal : )
This was a real tummy filler!

After breakfast had settled I went to the shops to gather cookie ingredients for my cookie exchange partner Maria's treats!

When I got back I decided a coffee was in order so frothed some almond milk

Wow I am in love with my new frothing gadget! This coffee was delish I can't wait to make Dale one of my new coffee's, he'll have to wait till next Monday though cause there's a juice detox coming up! More on this later in the week : )

I spent the afternoon baking my cookies, they all turned out well thankfully! I just hope Maria likes them, I will wait to post the recipes and pictures until she has received them. I will also be doing a big round up post when all exchanges have been completed.

After obviously having to try the cookies I made (they had to be edible!) I thought I juice would be best for lunch!

Plus this was perfect yoga fuel for my 4pm class.

My back is quite sore after yesterdays treatment but the heat definitely helped to ease the tenseness. I had a good class and am amazed that I can actually do every asana not perfectly but with a little tweaking I can do them all which is great!

When I got home I made dinner straight away, steamed cabbage and leek with quorn. I used some tamari and sesame oil for a dressing and also had 2 ryvitas with butter on the side. Yes i said butter! I have found that butter is the only dairy that doesn't give me spots or tummy problems. I was advised by a fellow blogger to try it out because the fats in butter can actually help with bad skin. I gave it a go and I have had no bad signs for it so will continue to use it. Plus I prefer to use something that is not filled with lots of ingredients and is not soya : )

I have had a fab day, I really enjoyed getting my bake on its been way to long! I am actually looking forward to doing it more often I have had some baking things on my mind for ages and will have to make some time to get on with them : )

I am looking forward to kicking back and watching Supersize vs Superskinny! I love this show its pretty grose at times but i find it really fascinating. I have another fab day planned tomorrow, a morning yoga session then my friend Jonathan is over from Berlin so is coming to Brighton for lunch and some hang out time which will be great!


Do you watch Supersize vs Superskinny?

I have watched this show since it started and am always fascinated by the amounts of foods the supersize eat and the little amounts the superskinny eat crazy!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Giant Catch Up!

Gosh its been a while, I haven't posted since last Thursday! I've been crazy busy with an injury thrown in for good measure, joy! I hope you all had a fab weekend? I'm looking forward to catching up on all the blog news, I bet ts been all smiles considering the weather! Its been glorious, I hope it lasts for the whole of my time off. Ok get comfy this is a crazy long post but there are lots of pretty photos so I hope you enjoy the read..............


My Saturday started fabulously, a giant hemp smoothie followed by an even better Bikram class. I felt so strong and the class was great and definitely gave me a yoga high!

I went home after class and got ready to meet my friend Tara for lunch, it was a quiff and flowers kind of day : )

Me and Tara went to Aloka for lunch.

As always the food on offer was amazing!

It all tasted so fresh and delicious, I also love how colourful all the food is!

The best part of my meal had to be the stuffed aubergine though. It was stuffed with kale and pesto and tasted wonderful. I have to admit this is my favorite place to grab lunch I could eat here everyday and never get bored : )

After lunch we went and got iced coffee and sat in the sun

It was a great Saturday afternoon : )

Look what turned up!
I won this cereal over on Jemma's blog Celery and Cupcakes and can't wait to try!
I also got lots of yummy goodies sent from my cookie exchange partner Maria but more on that in another post!

Now onto the bad news........after my wonderful lunch I walked home and decided with the weather so nice and feeling so fit and great I wanted to go out for a run. I haven't been out and hit the pavements since before November and really wanted to get out there and feel the wind on my face...........I had a fab run no pain just easy and it felt amazing! When I got home it was time to stretch so I did.........OUCH!!!!!!! I bloody stretched to far and pulled a muscle in my back! Well it is the same muscle that was healing nicely but I pulled it again......JOY! I spent Saturday in a lot of pain as well as being kept up all night by my idiot neighbors. I got an hours sleep not good : (


I woke up Sunday after my hours sleep surprisingly chipper probably because I was off to meet Karin a fellow blogger and go to the Vitality Show!

To make myself feel better I made a fresh juice and threw on a colourful dress. Which by the way fits me again, woooooohoooooooo!!!!!!

Juice drunk I went to catch my train............

When I got to London I kinda felt tired and my back was super sore after sitting on the train seats so I went nuts and got a double hit of caffeine. 2 solpadeine to sort the pain and a coffee to wake me up! They did the trick!

The Vitality Show was good, not too bust either so its definitely the better day to go plus all the stands had fab deals to get rid of their stock! I picked up quite a few goodies : )

I took a roasted veggies and couscous salad from M&S with me as the food I have found previous years not great and pretty expensive.

Me and Karin got our seat early to watch Patrick Holford!

As always Patrick Holford was very informative and interesting I enjoyed his talk, after he had finished we decided to call it day. It was good fun but I have to admit it wasn't as good as previous years there weren't as many food stalls this year which was a shame I love to find out about new products and try them obviously!


Today I woke up a little less sore but still not good in anyway. My back was not happy but I did get a god 9hrs sleep which was one good thing!

I got up and had a delicious smoothie to start my day:

In the mix: sun warrior vanilla, almond milk, water, baobab, cabbage, frozen berries, vanilla stevia, topped with hemp seeds, coconut, almonds and a little pomegranate syrup!

I went to my 10am Bikram class and felt better being in the heat and stretching

When I got home I couldn't wait to try out this gadget I picked up at the Vitality Show,
aerolatte mooo!

I was so impressed with the demo the guy gave at the show I just had to have one! Look at my frothy almond milk coffee at HOME! Love this gadget!

My friend Wayne came over today to spend some time with me as its been ages since we hung out. Look how long my hair got! I was getting ready and just couldn't believe it finally my hair is long, not long enough yet though : )

We walked around in the sun then grabbed some refreshments to go sit, eat, drink and people watch! I got a mango iced drink from Starbucks

And a vegan spelt flour samosa for lunch. The drink was lovely not too sweet and very refreshing and my samosa was delish I loved the crispy corners!

We sat in the sun chatting until I had to go to my osteopath appointment. After a painful massage and some painful clicking it turns out I have definitely pulled a muscle but with rest and low impact exercise it should be all good. Lucky I'm a Bikram addict because the heat and stretching is going to fix me in no time hopefully! Running shoes back in cupboard for now but at least I can still complete my 60 day challenge : )

Well lovely readers I hope your still with me!?
Your all up to date now with all the goings on this side of the screen. Time for me to start reading the back log of blog posts I have missed, till tomorrow x x


Did you go to the Vitality Show, what did you think?

Thursday, 22 March 2012


I am so happy to have finished my last day at the shop till the 4th of April!!!
I only work 3 days a week there (if no ones on holiday!) so when I take my holidays it works out get a week and a half off, so good!

My day started with a 7am Bikram class then I went straight to work where I had breakfast. Fresh juice that I made before yoga and put some ice cubes in to keep cool.

And look what I got a METAL STRAW!!!!!!
I have wanted one of these for AGES and was so excited when it turned up, this made my day!

Along with my juice I had chopped apple and almonds.

All I had with me for lunch today was a boiled egg and some salad leaves so I popped up to M&S to grab one of their salad pots.

I went for the couscous with roasted veggies which is was lovely : )

I have had 2 more things getting me excited today............

Firstly the arrival of a new book I have been asked to review!
Heidi Swanson's super natural everyday. I am so excited about this book I have already had a flick through and the recipes are so tasty I can't wait to try some out. Hopefully I can get cooking next week : )

Secondly this photo challenge for April has also got me excited! It has been designed by Lesley over at The Purple Carrot and is for anyone that wants to take part. If you are on instagram you can do the photo challenge that way or just do it on your blog! I will be doing both, I plan to do a round up post each week of food photos : )

I have just finished a bowl of soup for my dinner and Dale is waiting for me to hurry up and finish on here so I shall say goodnight : )


What got you excited today?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Delicious smoothie for breakfast

Delicious sugar coated almonds and.......

Delicious sour cherries topping my smoothie

Delicious arm candy : )

Delicious rice, egg and salad for lunch

Delicious jasmin tea

Delicious smoothie no.2 for dinner

Delicious hot yoga class to end my day


What did you find Delicious today?