Friday, 21 December 2012

Tattoo Friday

Yay its Friday! I guess that means the last day of work for lots of you?
As I said mine was Wednesday and its all go, I had a great Thursday meeting old friends, doing my fitness class which was a total killer then in the evening I went to see a friends band play. Today isn't going to be relaxing either I am having my tattoos this afternoon, going for drinks with my new work friends and the evening is undecided yet! My weekend is jammed packed too but you'll here about that tomorrow..........

This morning I had my festive oats again, love them!

Great tasting and so filling, perfect breakfast! Plus the frozen coconut milk melting over the hot oats is a delight for the taste buds!!!!!

This was last nights dinner, homemade veggie soup. This was the first time I have made veggie soup without stock and its been a success! It was delicious and I made enough for tonight too so an easy dinner which is going to be perfect after today I'm sure!

Right I guess I should get ready for my tattoo appointment, EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Have a great Friday readers!!!!!!


Are you a busy bee like me over the next few days?


  1. Dying to know what tattoo you are getting, I really need to get booked in for more work on my arm and some new stuff!

    1. All done!! U'll be I instagraming soon!! Ha ha x

  2. Those festive oats look good, frozen coconut milk sounds a nice addition!