Thursday, 20 December 2012

Staple Meals and Lots Of Goodies!

Happy Thursday!!!!!!!
Ahhhhh I finished work in the shop yesterday until Boxing day so its gonna be a fun few days! 
I have been super busy the last couple of days working in Brighton and going to the gym with Dale. I have also been having to shower at Dales, sisters and my dads as our boiler has been broken the past few days (its kinda working now!) this has meant no time to pop in and say hi but I am back and hopefully can get some daily posts up for you : )
I have also got so much stuff I need to share with you, I have been rather lucky and had lots of things sent to me to review so I will hopefully get some this stuff up on the blog soon. There is a little preview at the end of this post for you but first I will share the 3 dishes that I have been eaten by me most days this week.........

Festive Oats!!!!!

Oh yes most mornings I have been eating festive oats with a cube or 2 of frozen coconut milk, amazing!

Tuna Salad!

This is just such an easy lunch to have at the shop plus a warm sweet pot thrown in on these cold days is filling and warming to my belly!

Chickpea Delights!

I haven't eaten chickpeas for ages but my love for them has been reignited and I have been enjoying them with vegan pesto or curried, NOM!

So those have been my 3 staple meals of late but today I also had a delicious treat.......

My Christmas Cookie Exchange cookies arrived!!!!!!
Thank you Krzysia they are so yummy! I will be doing a post all about this and the other exchanges later this week.

I will also be doing posts about this lot too............

So as I mentioned I have been really lucky and sent lots of stuff to review first up 
I was sent 4 bags of yummy baked fruit, I have yet to dig into these, they all look very tasty so I can't wait to try some!

Next up the lovely people at Ryvita have sent me some of their rye crispbreads to try, I think I mentioned last month that I have been diagnosed with a wheat allergy (or if I didn't then now you know!) so any wheat products are of the menu. I didn't actually eat bread anyway because of the yeast in it (another problem of mine!) but its always nice to have something to dip into soup or top with tahini. I actually really like ryvita so this is going to be a very enjoyable review for me to do!

And finally I have been sent some Omega 3, Vitamin D and Three Mineral capsules to review from 
Its strange I was only thinking lot not ago I needed to get some magnesium and vit d, then pure pharma contacted me, they must have read my mind! I have only been taking these for a few days so it will be awhile before I see any benefits from them but I will get a review up in a month or so.

As you can see some great stuff, I have some more to show you but I don't want to overload the blog with reviews. 

Anyway I need to get ready for my fitness class in a bit so I shall love you and leave you. I hope your having a fab week and looking forward to your holidays, I know I am!
Oh I am also getting excited about the new tattoos I am getting tomorrow!!!!!!!
More on that soon........


Have you received anything lately your loving?!


  1. I got some of the ryvita and urban fruit things as well, did you get the little hat? So cute!

    1. I know it was cute I just wish it fit!! X