Friday, 14 December 2012

My Irish Eats

A late good evening to you! Its been a long Friday for me, I was up and out of the house early to get to Brighton this morning, I had a client to train before work at the shop. Then the day seemed to last forever because of the awful weather keeping people inside, so no shoppers for us! After my drive home I forced myself to do my insanity dvd, so as you can see a long day! 

Before I get back to my normal posts I wanted to share with you some of my eats from my holiday in Ireland, I definitely ate well...........

I ate my first rice cakes in ages, topped with boiled eggs. Delicious!

Eggs made an appearance most mornings : )

There was lots of my mums homemade lemon and lime polenta cake eaten.......I definitely need the recipe for this its SO good, not for the hips though!!!!!!

A trip to town in the cold was warmed up by a giant coffee

This was so good and really simple, chicken wrapped in bacon with herbs and bacon

I took my sweet potato addiction with me!

Mums homemade vegetable soup is the best I've ever eaten, this I did get the recipe for and will be re creating very soon!

Um can I use the excuse that Dairy Milk just tastes better in a foil wrap still in the original cube shape!

We went to see Great Expectations at the cinema one of the days and before popped into costa to warm ourselves with a hot coffee, plus a tiny chocolate bear......well it was our Christmas!

Some yummy eats if I do say so myself! 
I have another long day tomorrow with a client to train again before work at the shop and no doubt another quiet day! Have a nice Saturday peeps and I'll hopefully pop by to say hi tomorrow : )


Have you seen the new Great Expectations film?

I absolutely love the story and have seen every adaption I think, if you like it too I definitely suggest you go see it!


  1. Very nice pics and some of that looks yummy., Have a great friday.