Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Hello everybody! How was your Christmas?!
I'm here today to give you the low down on mine, it was fab mostly...........

I had been suffering with a cold since the Friday before Christmas so my Christmas Eve was very low key. We had a few friends round for the evening but after 2 mulled wines I gave in to my cold and went to bed. It was great waking up early and hangover free with Dale on Christmas day!! Me and Dale stayed in bed and opened our gifts together with a hot water and lemon and side of Toblerone!

My favorite gift of the whole day was this gift tag that Dale handmade for me! I am easily pleased!

The new Christmas jumper was also pretty great!

I went up to my dads in the morning while Dale went to his nans. When I got to my dads he had made some gluten free mince pies and having no breakfast...........

It would have been rude not to!

I went over to my dads next door neighbors to see my fiend Jonathan and hang out there for a bit, I snacked on dried pineapple curtisy of Urban Fruit

And supped on some mulled wine!
I hung out there till they had lunch, then me and Dale went home to start on our Christmas dinner!

Me, Dale and Wayne made dinner together which was delish! 
Very filling and very tasty : )

If only it had stayed down! Yep 4am that night I was in the bathroom seeing my Christmas dinner again! Yuk, gross I know but its the way it was! I felt rough, my cold had basically gone but was replaced with a horrendous sickness!

The next day I had to work in Brighton at the shop which wasn't great, I didn't eat till I got home Boxing day night. Luckily Dale had made a yummy vegetable soup which thankfully stayed down!

I had yesterday off, no shop work and no clients which was perfect. I had the day to recover! I didn't eat till lunchtime when I had a bowl of soup and a piece of flapjack which seemed to be fine so I guess I just had an overnight sickness bug?!

Then last night we had a yummy dish of chickpeas, courgette and bacon in a vegan pesto sauce with broccoli and yellow carrots. I definitely feel a lot better!

Finally I wanted to share with you my new tattoos!!!!!!!!
I had them done last Friday, a crown on my tummy and 3 birds behind my right ear, I love them!!
The picture above was taken just after before heading out for my staff drinks with the new colleagues. This explains the up do and glass of G&T! 

I've been to the gym today and am doing my fitness class later so I feeling fine now. 
Its nice to get back to my routine without feeling full of cold or sick : )

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas x x x


What was the best thing about your Christmas day?

Mine was filled with so many best things......waking up with Dale, my homemade gift tag, seeing old friends and just chilling out : )


  1. Sounds like a lovely Christmas apart from the sickness bug! I bet you are getting excited for starting your new job soon. Tattoos are on my list for 2013 again, love the crown :-)

  2. The tattoos are rad!
    I love that you call your grandma, nan. It's so British and so cool. It's like telly instead of TV.
    I want to add those words to my dictionary but I'm missing the accent and it would just sound weird if I say them with an American one.

  3. Aww sorry to hear you weren't well! Glad you're feeling better! Soup is always my go to if I'm not feeling 100%, it's so comforting. Wow your tattoos are amazing! I love the birds :)

    1. Soup is definitely a healer for the sick! Thanks I love my birds! X

  4. I love your tattoo's, maybe 2013 should be the year I start, I have a swallow and some script planned!