Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Women and Home Top 100 Food Blogs: Salad and Sequins

Good evening, firstly I want to say thank you to those of you that have already signed up to the Christmas Cookie Exchange! Remember you have until the 18th to get your name down to take part so pop over to the post, the more the merrier!

Secondly I want to say thank you to Women and Home Magazine for choosing Salad and Sequins as one of the top 100 uk food blogs!!!!!!!
This really made my day, I feel quite proud that people like my little piece of cyberspace : )

Now onto some food! I didn't post yesterday so here are my eats from yesterday............

Breakfast was a blueberry, banana and coconut smoothie topped with raw energy mix

Lunch was leftover mince with courgette and carrot noodles.

After lunch I did day 4 of Insanity. 
It was the cardio recovery day and it couldn't have come sooner!

For dinner I threw some stuff together, bacon and egg scramble with broccoli, olives and avocado

And now a picture from today, I ate the last of my mince with salad earlier for lunch

After lunch had settled I did day 5's workout of Insanity, pure cardio! My god sweat beast!

This workout really is insane, it gets your heart pumping from the beginning and it doesn't stop till you finish! Its crazy but I am loving it! I will be doing a round up on Sundays of how I have felt during the week and how I have coped with the workouts! 


Are you a leftovers kind of person?

I find it makes life easier to make a larger potion which can be eaten over a few days : )


  1. Congratulations on the blog being featured :) So exciting!

  2. I love leftovers. They are perfect when I am in a rush ans always taste better than when I originally cooked them.

    Congrats on the feature! :)