Sunday, 25 November 2012

Rain, Food and Exercise

Well its been a couple of rainy days since I was last here, the weather really has not been on our side has it!? I worked yesterday so the rain meant an even quieter day at the shop, today I have been off so I was lucky enough to get out this morning and grab a coffee with Dale before the rain came back to say hello again. I am more than happy to be back home hiding from the weather under a quilt on the sofa whilst watching Sons of Anarchy and of course popping in to say hi to you guys : )

Two days of yummy food is what I have to share with, Fridays and Saturdays eats so feast your eyes.......

After a double workout day Thursday I decided to Friday as a rest day 

I had a yummy breakfast before leaving for work, dry fried mushrooms and courgettes with 2 soft eggs and a little nut pesto. Ohhhhhhh this was soooooo good!

For lunch I had a mini sweet pot with cucumber and spinach

For dinner I ate some turkey in a tomato/nut pesto sauce with olives and veg. 

Saturday first thing I had a client to train in Brighton before starting at the shop so was off and out of the house by 6.30am which meant another rest day for me! I think my body needed this after doing a few double workout days through the week!

When I got to work I had my breakfast, leftover turkey from Friday night with cucumber, delish!

As I said the day was super quiet due to the weather which meant it lasted forEVER! When lunch time came round I was glad to have something to do! Of course it was good to eat something yummy too, sweet pot, almond butter and salad.

I was spending the evening with Dale and he kindly made me dinner : )
Mince with veggies, perfect!

There was also some unpictured chocolate that may have been gobbled to quick to be photoed but only Dale could confirm that! 

Now to update you on the exercise front this week:

Monday: Insanity
Tuesday: 6am run (with client 1hr) + Insanity
Wednesday: Insanity + 1hr run with client
Thursday: Insanity + 1hr fitness class
Friday : Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Insanity Fit Test

Pretty good show I think! I did my second insanity fit test today and am glad to report I got better results than the first so a big thumbs up!

I have another really busy week ahead plus its my birthday on Thursday so the weekend is being spent having lots of fun but I'll tell you all about that later this week : )

Ok I'm gonna put my attention into the bikers on tv, have a fab rest of the day x x


Have you been having a fun weekend in the rain?!


  1. I managed to dodge the rain quite well- had a run on Saturday morning before it got here, then spent time at home and at the shops. Again today I had a run and did some work at the allotment before it rained again.

    1. Sounds like a fab weekend I would love my own allotment!! X

  2. hi i have your blog on my favourites list love the name of it to. I have never been in a gym in my life (I am 38).I am pretty scared about it to as feel quite unfit. Would it be silly to start with 10 mins? and if so what 2 things would you think I should start of with?Hope you do not mind me asking. I am pretty scared !and do suffer with anxiety. Ps love your blog and its very handy in helping me x

    1. Don't mind you asking at all and no wouldn't be silly! I would say starting with some light cardio but I would also really recommend asking on if the gym instructors they're there to help and would guide you to use the equipment properly x

  3. Hi thanks for the reply. I will mention to them about 10 mins.I think I am feeling everyone will know its my first time! in the gym and I keep thinking of those clips from jeremy beadles show sliding off the running machine!
    Thanks and have a great week x

    1. No you'll be fine! Good luck let me know how it goes x

  4. The weather has been awful. I hope it clears up soon!

  5. Oh I am obsessed with Sons of Anarchy, wait till you get to season 3! Still can't believe its that lad from Queer as Folk!

    1. I know he's so good! Just started season 2 do lots if watching ahead of me!!

  6. Nice meals! Urgh this rain is so depressing. Puts everyone in a miserable mood. Humph!

    1. Thanks! I know boooooo to the rain!