Thursday, 29 November 2012

OMG I'm 31!

OMG I'm 31!!!!!!!!!!
Yep today is my 31st birthday, can't believe it to be honest. Not that I care I love being this age! Just a quick post tonight to show you my birthday food then I am gonna chill with the man and watch Sons of Anarchy (addicted!)

This morning after my 6am client I came home and had a lovely breakfast:

Scrambled eggs with avocado and cucmber

My sister made me some paleo cookies! So yummy, these were shared with some friends : )

For lunch I had leftover turkey with salad

Then Dale made me dinner. More turkey!

I've had a fab day and I can't wait to tell you all about it next week : )


Do you mind getting older?

I have to say I really don't, I think next year is going to be amazing, so many new things coming up for me which I am so excited about and age is just a number I feel so much fitter then I did 10 years ago! Bring on my 30s!!!!!


  1. Happy birthday for yesterday, I'm totally with you, being in your 30's rocks!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! I am a little scared about getting older, but I also feel much happier and healthier the older I get, so I am loving getting older so far!!!

  3. Penblwydd Hapus!

    I actually love getting older and feel really optimistic about my 30s. I did enjoy my 20s but I think 30s are where it's at! :)

    Hope you carry on celebrating over the weekend too.

  4. Happy birthday,hope you had a great day :)