Thursday, 8 November 2012

Lots of Paleo Food + Insanity

Hey hey, how we doin?!
I'm great, just chilling after a super sweaty and heart pumping fitness class! All my ladies loved it and were feeling it that's for sure! My post tonight is picture heavy due to not posting much food since my holiday so I'm gonna keep this short and sweet as its pretty late. Lets have a look shall we.........


Blueberry, banana and coconut smoothie with bacon for dipping (yes dipping!)

More of the same, dipping the bacon is glorious!

Sausage, boiled eggs with salad

Spinach omelet with bacon, courgette and mushrooms


Tuna with chopped veggies

Beef mince, olives, kale and cucumber

Tuna and egg salad (perfect egg!)

Tuna and olive salad

Same as above but with an added sweet pot


Pork mince with squash, kale and courgette noodles

Steak, sweet pot chips, mushrooms and broccoli (cooked for me by the man)

Pork mince and egg scramble with roasted veggies

Curried turkey with veg

Sausages with veggies

Lamb mince with veggies

Spicy lamb mince with broccoli

So as you can see I am back on the paleo train! Its strange when I did the challenge in September I felt bogged down with meat at the end. Then through October I laid off the meat for a while but really craved it so I'm just rolling with it and loving all these meals!

I mentioned yesterday I had a new exercise mission.........


I'm going to talk more about this in my next post as its late and I need to get ready for a long day tomorrow x x


Have you tried the Insanity 60 day challenge?

I am so excited to try this!!!!!!


  1. I'm trying to get into the paleo thing - this is great meal inspiration!

    1. Cool! There will be lots more coming too x

  2. I love Insanity! It's brilliant, but so tough!

  3. Oh interested to see how you get on with Insanity! Loving all the eats - so glad I'm eating meat again!

    1. Ha next time we meet we'll have to go for a meaty meal!!! X

  4. Your meals look totally yummy Tam! Might need a bit of persuading on the smoothie and bacon combo though! I've never done Insanity it looks SO hard. Will be very interested to see what you think.

    1. Thanks! I know bacon and smoothies sounds like madness but it really is good honest!!! X

  5. Happy weekend!

    I bought insanity a little while back. I tried it once and found it hard! Looking forward to really getting into it post baby though to get my body back in shape :)

    1. First day of proper workouts today, excited!! X