Saturday, 17 November 2012

Just 2 Photos

Hoorah its the weekend! 
Yes I may be working but I am still glad its the weekend because Dale will be back : )
I thought I would see him tonight but it seems the drive home from France is taking a lot longer than planned so I'll just have to wait till tomorrow for my cuddles! 

I worked at the shop today and trained a client before so it was good to have this as my rest day, I wouldn't of wanted to come home and get my sweat on to be honest!

My camera was not very snap happy today so I have 2 lonely pictures for you. First my little snack pot of homemade energy mix. Loving this it tastes so good, perfect for a snack attack too!

I also got a photo of lunch. I topped salad with some tuna mixed with fresh lemon juice, olive oil and a tsp of tahini, delicious! 

I am working in the shop tomorrow but I will be up and getting my sweat on before. Back to my Insanity mission! 


What are you up to this weekend?


  1. My weekend: wild training on Sat, and chilling on Sunday...getting ready for the big triathlon race next weekend!

    1. Wow! Good luck and have a great chilled Sunday : )