Thursday, 22 November 2012

Its All About The Food

Hey peeps, popping in rather late and to be honest I don't have much time so its all about the food today. I've had a busy few days but I made sure to eat healthy and colourful lets have a look.........

Yesterdays breakfast was eaten at work, apple with tahini and coconut and a large coffee!

For lunch I had tuna with oil and lemon plus some veggies

I went out with my client in the afternoon for a run and had this yummy sweet pot and almond butter to refuel

Dinner was leftover mince with courgette and carrot ribbons

This morning I had a smoothie (I decided its not quite cold enough to stop!) with bacon for dipping

Some raw mix for snack time. 

I had the last of my leftover mince for lunch

And dinner was this sardine omelet with veggies.

Some yummy food me thinks? I have been doing lots of workouts too, daily insanity workouts and some extra running with clients and tonight I did my fitness class, its all go!

I gotta get ready for tomorrow so I shall love ya and leave ya x x


  1. Oh wow nice array of food! Smoothie with bacon sounds crazy but nice!