Saturday, 10 November 2012

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday!!!!!!
Its been a fabulous day for me and I hope yours has too? I've got the weekend off which in itself is fab along with a great birthday lunch and the start of insanity its been an all round great Saturday, more on that in a bit though fist I have a couple of photos from yesterday to share.

My Friday started early with a client at 6am, after I came home and made breakfast:

Bacon omelet with a big handful of spinach on the side, this was super filling and super tasty!

I drove to Brighton to work in the shop and had another client to train there before heading home with a hungry belly : )

When I got in I made some tomato and curry spiced turkey on top of some steamed broccoli and courgette ribbons, perfect.

This morning I woke up at 8.30 (lay in!) got up and went straight out to pick up some post from my papas and also grab some stuff from the supermarket.

When I got home I made a yummy smoothie for breakfast, raspberry, banana and coconut topped with raw energy mix. Pretty right!?

It was my friend EmmaLi's birthday so we went out for lunch, in a bar across the road from me which was handy! I had a chicken stirfry which I have to say was disappointing : (   
I opted for salad instead of a wrap/rice or noodles and my stirfry came on top of the salad which made it really soggy (yuk!) and the sauce was so thick and sweet not good. I ate most of the chicken and veggies as it cost my nearly £10 but it was pretty gross I wont be getting it again that's for sure!

On the bright side it was great meeting up with friends and having a girl lunch with lots of chatting and laughter. I my sister made EmmaLi a beautiful cake too, I didn't eat any but I had to take a photo obviously!

After lunch had settled I left the ladies to there cake and came home to do my insanity fit test!

My god the test was a killer, 20 minutes of pure sweaty exertion but I loved it and have to say was quite pleased with my results! I can't wait to do it again in 2 weeks to see if I can better my scores : )

I have decided to do the 60 day challenge this basically means I do 6 workouts a week with one day off for 60 days well its actually 67 because you have a rest week from day 30. You still workout during the rest week but its the same workout for 6 days a bit lower key before embarking on the last 30 days of beast workouts!

 The daily workouts will be a challenge  because I will still be doing workouts with clients and my fitness class but also fitting them in is going to be a test but I am determined to it! I am actually off from the shop till next Saturday now which gives me a good start to the 60 days. I will keep you updated with how I am feeling and any results I find I am getting : )

For tonight's dinner I had some Moroccan cubed sweet potatoes topped with turkey in a tomato and olive sauce and steamed broccoli 

So a great day I would say! I am looking forward to doing my first proper insanity workout tomorrow and going to see my papa. Other than that though I plan a quiet day sorting through emails and other bits and bobs for the blog. 

I hope you are all having a great weekend whatever your up to x x x


What workout are you loving right now?


  1. I will be boring and say I am loving body pump- although I missed it because I wasn't very well. :)

    1. That's not boring! I love body pump : )

  2. Oh I would love to give something like Insanity a try once my body has sorted itself out, I love a good challenge!

    1. First workout done and it killed me, in a good way! X