Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Do You Use Mouthwash?

Hi readers, I hope you've had a good start to the week?
Mine has started well yesterday and today have been spent at home and training clients, last night I spent the evening with Dale which is why I wasn't around so I have lots of photos to share........

My Monday started in a tasty way........

Chopped apple, pureed apple, tahini, coconut and pumpkin seeds for a delicious breakfast

And a very big thank you to Almond Breeze for sending me some almond milk which went in my coffee. I love this milk, no sugar but full of flavor is a big thumbs up. Its the milk I always buy now, I'm so glad they decided to bring it over this side of the pond : )

I did my insanity workout mid morning then followed it with a yummy lunch. Bacon, egg and veggie scramble

Plus I dug a cookie out of the freezer and warmed it up in the microwave, so good!

For dinner I made me and Dale some turkey with tomato, olives and veggies

This morning I was up early to take my client for a 6am run, a very windy run!
It was actually really nice to get out in the fresh air and because we were together the dark scary morning wasn't a problem.

I came home and had a blueberry, banana and coconut smoothie topped with seeds and 3 crushed walnut halves

This was thick and delicious but I have to admit it might be getting to cold for smoothies my lips were frozen stiff!

I had a sports massage mid morning which was definitely needed and felt great!
Then a little later I went and did something that for now is a secret but if all works out I'll have some exciting news for ya!

A late lunch after my meeting was thrown together! Bacon, egg, mushroom and spinach scramble with cucumber. Perfect : )

I have a little review to share with you now, usually this would be food related but not today its all about.....Dentyl Active

I actually love using mouthwash so when I was offered to try this new one out I said yes straight away! 

Dentyl Active:
is alcohol free
helps fight plaque bacteria
helps to maintain healthy gums
provides long lasting fresh breath
lifts and absorbs 99.9% oral bacteria and debris in the mouth

I love that it obviously does all these things but its got to taste good to for me to be really sold. Guess what this does taste good! Yep for me this mouthwash is a winner I would happily use this everyday plus its sparkly which just makes it even better in my book!


Have you tried Dentyl Active Ultra Cleasne, do you use mouthwash?


  1. I haven't tried that mouthwash but I don't start a day without a swig before I go out the door!

    Sorry I haven't been commenting as much I have to say loving the blonde you. You look great!


  2. Almomd breeze is definitely my favourite milk. A lovely subtle taste. Your food always looks so yummy and colourful, especially your smoothies!

  3. It's definitely getting too cold round here for smoothies...I'd rather have baked oatmeal with protein powder!

    1. Oooo yum baked oatmeal sounds delish x

  4. I really want one of those smoothies, it sounds delicious!

  5. I love Almond Milk. I buy the Alpro one, I haven't seen Breeze in the shops?

    1. You can buy it in tesco and now Sainsburys x