Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmas Cookie Exchange Partners!!!!!!

Hello everyone I hope you've had a good weekend?
Its been all work this side of the screen but its still been good. Before we get to Christmas cookie partners I shall run through my day.........

It started with a super sweaty Insanity workout then I was off to work in the shop

We actually had a busy day, I was glad when lunch time came round and I could take ten minutes to myself! I had a tuna salad which was delish

I also had some apple, tahini, coconut and cinnamon, love this combo!

After work I trained a client, I actually took her out for a run so workout number 2 of the day for me!

When I got home I threw together some veggies and a couple of eggs to make a quick and healthy dinner

Right here we go this is what you have been waiting for your Christmas Cookie Exchange partners!
Ok this is how it works you will be sending cookies to the name beneath yours. Below is the list of everyone taking part, there was an odd number so this is the easiest way to put partners together, if you are confused please let me know.

Cookie Exchange Partners:

Krish - K-Loss Fitness is sending to
Tamzin - Salad and Sequins is sending to
Laura - Box Eat Run is sending to
Cinnamon Spiels is sending to
Anna - anna the apple is sending to
Welsh Girl Eats is sending to

You will have someone to email and ask whatever questions you need to know to make the perfect cookies for your partner and you should receive an email from someone asking you similar questions. Please email your partners in the next week if you have not heard from anyone by Thursday/Friday then let me know and we can sort something out. 

Remember you need to send your cookies NO LATER THEN 17th of DECEMBER! Then write a post with your photos by the 23rd so I can do a link up. Any questions then contact me:

Have fun x x x


  1. Such a cute idea for the cookie exchange! :)

  2. I'm so excited for the cookie exchange!! :)

  3. Ooh very exciting. And I love your gold hair bow, very glam! Things like that never look good in my hair, but it suits you really nicely :)

    1. Why thank you! That's very kind : )

  4. Already got a pinterest board going with ideas! This has really got me in the festive spirit, thank you! x