Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

Jeez I am soooooo busy at the mo! Fitting everything in is definitely a challenge and it looks like its not going to stop till next next Wednesday when I am off to Ireland to see my mama and sister! I am so excited and cannot wait to go, I really need to get away and just chill with my sisters and mum its gonna be fab!

I spent the last 3 days working in Brighton at the shop, which has been draining as its so quiet but I'm not back in till Monday now, yay! Not that I will be resting I have a full packed rest of week, moe on that in a bit lets talk food!

Yesterday morning after my insanity workout I made a giant smoothie to refuel (I decided its not quite cold enough to quit the frozen breakfast yet!), it was so giant I only ate half and took the rest to work with me. After my hours drive and a 20 minute walk to work I was ready for the rest!

For lunch I had a mini sweet pot with 2 boiled eggs and salad

After work I trained my sister and her hubby so was back late which meant I needed something quick for dinner. I also need to go shopping! I had veggies with vegan pesto and toasted pumpkin seeds. This was so quick to make super healthy and super delicious!

After this mornings insanity workout I had some courgettes and soft eggs with 1/2 avocado

Lunch was another mini sweet pot with a little almond butter and tuna mixed with extra virgin olive and lemon juice plus salad I also had 2 small apples before leaving work and a tsp or 2 of almond butter (addict!)

Then tonight's dinner was curry spiced turkey with veggies and avocado plus a banana mixed with raw cocoa and some raw energy mix (eaten before I realised to take a shot!)

Tomorrow I am doing something that for now has to be a secret but I can't wait to tell you it will just be in a week or so! I am having my hair done Friday then the weekend is filled with lots of fun and exciting things too this is due to it being my birthday tomorrow! Yep 31 here I come!!!!!

Right I need to get things sorted for tomorrow.......


Whats the best thing you ate today?

I loved my tuna, sweet pot and almond butter combo. It should be wrong but its so so right!


  1. I just had some chopped apple with muesli- yum :)

  2. I know what you mean about busy, this month has been insane for me! Looking forward to you spilling the beans on what your up too!