Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Berlin Part 2 + Guest Blogging

Hello again, I'm back to share the last of my holiday snaps with you : )

On the Saturday we all got up and enjoyed a delicious breakfast of crustless bacon and mushroom quiches with avocado and cucumber before getting ready to go to.....

Berlin Zoo!

We had lots of fun looking at the beautiful animals, it does make me sad though when I think of them cooped up but they seemed happy

The zoo is really big with lots of different animals including my favorites Elephants!

Me and Dale shared a proper German lunch, sausage with potatoes, nothing green insight! I have to admit this was really good though, they serve this sausage with curried ketchup all over the city and this was a beaut!

Lunch fueled us round the rest of the zoo. We got to stroke some sheep and goats and then it was time to go home and warm up!

Saturday evening we planned a night out on the town and lucky me got dinner cooked by the boys : )
Oven baked herby chicken with roasted veg, they did good!

We got ready....

And hit the town! We had a fab night out very random but that's what I love about going out in a foreign country when you know someone that lives there, you always end up doing something you would never do if you were a tourist. We met lots of people and partied hard, which also resulted in Sunday being written off to hang out and watch True Blood!

We spent our last 2 days wandering round the city taking in the street art

And beautiful buildings : )

We couldn't leave without trying a yummy German cake either!
This was an almond horn which was AMAZING! Crunchy almonds with chocolate ends with a very soft almond marzipan middle, really to die for!

So I think you can see and tell I absolutely loved my time in Berlin, I will definitely be going back to take advantage of my friend living there. The city is massive so there is plenty I didn't get to see, I guess this was more about hanging out with Jonathan but next time I will definitely do more sights : )

I've had a mixed start to the week, yesterday I worked in the shop well I say work but we didn;t do much as our ceiling came down again due to the rain! Then today I had a hospital appointment which I couldn't eat before plus it wasn't till 3.15 which meant I was starving all day!

I have a client before and after work at the shop tomorrow so a very long day ahead which means no hump day post but I shall be back on Thursday to share some of the food i have been scoffing lately! 

Ooooooo before I go why don't you hop over to Laura's blog and check out my guest post!
I was very exited when Laura asked me to do a post as she is one of my favorite blogger friends and I adore her blog, thanks Laura!

Time to say goodnight, have a fab Wednesday lovely readers x x x


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  1. Yum that marzipan/ chocolate cake looks wonderful.

    1. It was melt in the mouth amazing!!

  2. Berlin really looks lovely, its been on my list of places to go for awhile. So many places, so little time!

    1. Oh it was you should definitely go! X

  3. I adore Berlin! I'd love to guest post for you too, maybe something about boxing?