Sunday, 14 October 2012

Too Much Vodka + Jordans Giveaway Winner!

Hi readers how are we?
I'm good, recovering from a little too much vodka that I drank last night but good all the same : )
Before we talk about a boozy Saturday night and my giveaway winner here is some yummy food I have been eating.......

Mixed berry smoothie, it may be getting cooler but smoothies will always be a favorite breakfast of mine

Especially when its served with raw chocolate almond pancakes!

I'm also still loving my sweet potatoes perfect for a yummy work lunch : )

On to my Saturday, I had a lunch date with Dale, he took me too a very old pub in the country

I had half a shandy which was so refreshing! I haven't had a shandy for years so this went down well

For lunch I had grilled plaice with sauteed potatoes and veggies, this was sooooooo good and stuffed me to the gills!

When we drove back home we saw the bonfire on the beach ready for Hastings bonfire night! 
I love bonfire night its so much fun : )

We had some drinks at home, watched the procession go by then went to the seafront to watch the fireworks. Afterward I met up with Dale and didn't stay out very long due to a little too much vodka and rum! Ha it was fun but I paid the price this morning with a killer headache. I had to work in Brighton which was not fun either! 

On a more healthy note I have done some great workouts this week and as usual I will share with you what I got up to:

Monday: Walk
Tuesday: Bikram
Wednesday: Seafront run
Thursday: Fitness class
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Gym
Sunday: Rest

Right lets see who won my Jordans giveaway!

Yay! Well done please send me your address details: 

Time to say goodbye for now, its been a long day and I definitely need an early night! I plan to have a super healthy week leading up to my holiday at the end of the month, I'm off to Berlin!!!!!!! 

I go in to more details about that soon, have a good week peeps x x


Have you been to Berlin, any where you think I should go?

I'm so excited!!!!!!


  1. Your hair looks so gorgeous in that pic :-) Glad you had a fun night, I always pay the price when I've had a drink too!

  2. Hahaha! The vodka hangover is a pretty bad one to deal with. You should try doing Bikram being hungover: it's quite an experience but afterwards you do feel amazing!

    1. 2 days after I die in the hot room let alone the day after! ha ha x

  3. Your food always makes me so hungry!! It all looks amazing!! Glad you enjoyed yourself this weekend!!

  4. Berlin is an amazing city. Check out the Brandenberg Gate and the zoo! Public transport is awesome as well. Have fun :)

  5. That lunch looks lovely, I know the area a little bit, which pub did you go to? Sounds like a fun weekend :)

    1. Cool! I was in the Hastings Arms and the Standard, where are about are you.....closer enough for a bloggy meet up!?