Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Best Of British Tea

Well I am back to say hello after a couple of very busy and very long days!
I finally have some time to myself between clients today and I am using it wisely, catching up on emails and of course with you guys : )

First up some meals from the past couple of days.........

I really enjoy having a savoury breakfast since doing my Paleo Challenge plus they are an easy option to take to work, especially when I need a protein punch after an early morning Bikram class! Tuesday I had boiled eggs, cucumber and 1/2 avocado. I only eat 1/2 an avocado at a time as I find them quite expensive but if you quarter them it makes for 4 meals!

Tuesdays lunch was homemade lentil and squash soup, sweet pot and almond butter. Super filling and delicious, I have to admit the soup was a but bloating but I'm not giving up on pulses just yet!

Wednesday morning I went to Bikram again and had breakfast at work, more boiled eggs with avocado and carrots this time

Yesterdays lunch was cucumber slices and mini sweet pots with mackerel, lovely!

This morning I was up and at a clients by 6am then when I got home I got baking fever!

I baked a delicious cake loaf and yes ate not 1 but 2 slices for breakfast! Sometimes a sweeter start to the day is needed! Recipe for this bad boy will be coming soon!

Along with my cake I had a delicious mug of coffee, joy : )

The last thing I would like to share with you is this Twinings Tea review with subject being 
'The Best Of British Tea'

I am a total tea lover, fresh or tea bags either way is good for me! I think a lot of people associate Britain with tea, especially a cup of builders tea which I have been known to crave now and again. These days though I lean towards green teas, fruit tea or my absolute favorite.....

Mint Tea!!!!!
Yep my favorite tea would have to be mint, I love it especially after meals to settle my stomach and help my food go down. Ii you follow my blog you will know I haven't been drinking coffee and even now that I am I still avoid it at work. At work I drink mint, green and rooibos tea which is definitely needed now the cooler days are upon us!

I am loving the twinings mint collection, my favorite would have to be nettle and peppermint but to be honest they all taste wonderful! I would definitely recommend trying these if mint is your thing : )

Right I need to get to the shops and get some groceries, I am finding the best place for veggies is Lidl so I am off to fill the fridge from there. I think my October Challenge is going pretty well. I made my cake today from ingredients I had in the cupboard. I have cut it into slices and stuck some in the freezer so I can get a piece out each day and have a healthy go to snack and having a big pot of soup in the fridge is such an easy and cheap way to eat!


Whats your favorite tea?

Mint Mint Mint!


  1. Gosh, choosing a favourite tea is hard. At the moment I love mint with my breakfast- I feel it starts me off getting hydrated for the day. I have rooibos or herbal teas at work as I don't like the milk there (people always leave it out- ew), sometimes Earl grey when I get home, and then other caffeine free ones in the evening.

    1. Ha ha it is hard! Good choices though : )

  2. I like regular tea with milk but for if my favourite too!

  3. I do like mint but I have to say any spicy chai teas have my heart!

  4. green tea is my favourite and early grey after that - don't really like mint unless I have a funny tummy and even then it reminds me a bit of toothpaste haha.