Monday, 1 October 2012

October Challenge, Foodie Penpal Goodness and Giveaway Winner!!!!!

Happy October!!!!!!

I can't believe its October already, crazy huh!?
Where has this year gone, its whizzing by faster then I can keep up with!
I have to admit O love October and I have been looking forward to this particular October for a while. Some of the reasons I love October are, there are lots of pumpkin/squashes about, its Halloween and in my town its Bonfire night! But the biggest reason I have been looking forward to this October is because on the 25th I am of to Berlin! I cannot wait, my friend Jonathan (who I used to live with in Barcelona) moved there some time ago and I finally have the time to get over and see him! This is what has fueled my October Challenge but more about that later first up my foodie penpal sent and received goodies!

My penpal was Jes from Feeling Stylish (take a look at your blog for some style inspiration!) 

I sent to Jes some Chai latte and lemon zest cookies, perfect for the cooler evenings! I also sent a selection of mini snacks for the handbag, go to snacks when your out and about but want something on the healthier side : )

Gosh the parcel I received from Gemma was amazing! 
It was so thoughtful, I couldn't believe all the wonderful things she had sent!

I got some delicious raw zesty lemon and chia energy balls, 2 mango and apple compotes, a little jar of honey, yummy apple and pear juice and a raw magic mix snack pack

Oh and I must not forget the wonderful dried bananas I used in my cookies yesterday!
Thank you so much Gemma!!!!!

I love doing this foodie penpal swap its so much fun!

This morning I was up early to train a client at 6am, then it was my turn. I did a full body workout including strength/cardio mix, sweaty and a great start to my week and October!

When I got home from the gym I made a yummy breakfast of garlic mushrooms, scrambled egg and avocado, yes still paleo but that is another thing I will be carrying on with, the savory breakfast! I love having a savory breakfast plus I find it really filling and perfect to refuel after a workout.

I also had my first coffee in 30 days!!!!!
This was a joyous moment and I savored every sip! Brewed in my cafetiere and served with frothy almond milk, delish! I am going to carry on with the no coffee on my work days at the shop though, I find myself drinking way to much there and its the highly processed instant stuff so herbal teas are staying put! I'm quite glad really as it gives me at least 3-4 days a week coffee free which is a good thing!

For lunch today I kept things simple and had some steamed veggies dressed with olive oil and lemon then sprinkled with toasted seeds. Dinner has also been easy, I had a bowl of homemade lentil, squash and spinach soup which I made today : )

Right without further a do I want to show you my October challenge!

I have decided to set myself a challenge for October, as I am going on holiday at the end of the month I obviously need spending money so I have decided to see how cheap I can eat but still keep things healthy. I know a lot of people can't afford 'health foods' but it doesn't have to be expensive to eat healthily. So this month I want to show you how to Eat Cheap and Healthy when your on a budget.I plan to do this by eating a lot of soups, veggies, some pulses and fruit, fish, nuts and seeds. I will make my own snacks too such as cakes and bars. I know other bloggers like Laura have done something similar in the past too and I definitely need to get my food bill down so if you would like to join in please feel free! I will be posting about any deals I find such as today Tesco are selling unsweetened almond milk for £1 but not in the long life milk isle its only on offer in the chilled milk isle!!
I will let you know how I think things are going through the week and do a weekly round up on a Sunday. Oh I forgot to post last weeks exercise yesterday so here it is:

Monday: Gym - whole body workout
Tuesday: Bikram
Wednesday: Bikram
Thursday: Gym - whole body workout (killer session!)
Friday: Rest (walk 30 minutes)
Saturday: Bikram
Sunday: Rest

Last but not least my giveaway winner for the very cool Le Spec sunglasses.........
My flat mate picked a name out of the hat and that name was.........


Please email me your address details so I can pass them on and get your sunglasses sent to you!


Do you have any goals/challenges for October?

I will be trying to use up all the things in my cupboards too instead of buying more. The once I have run down all my grains/tinned fish/pulses I will replace. 

I am also going to be keeping up with my 5 days of exercise, gym sessions mixed with Bikram is really working for me at the moment : )


  1. I like the sound of that challenge- good luck with it :)

    1. Thanks! Let me know if you try something similar! x x

  2. I didn't know you used to live in Barcelona- thats my dream, tell me more! I also spend waaay too much money on food, so I'll be joining you on that challenge! So happy I won the giveaway , I shall send you an email!

    1. Ha I lived there about 6yrs ago was amazing!! Had so much fun but moved back after about year and a half. It's an amazing city! Yay glad you will be joining me on my eat cheap challenge you'll have to let me know if you find any bargains!

      Yep drop me an email and I'll pass your details on x

  3. Good luck on your budget eats challenge! I'm sure you will do well, its something I need to be refocusing on after spending a bloody fortune in Brighton!

  4. Good for you for giving up the caffeine/coffee, it's so easy to get hooked up but so hard to give it up. That's a major accomplishment!

    1. Thank you! I am definitely going to be sticking to no coffee days from now on!

  5. Thanks for your sweet words on my blog! Foodie penpals are so much fun. I stopped over the summer because I was too busy, but really need to join up again!

  6. Your parcels both look fab - loads of really interesting stuff in there! Yum.