Thursday, 18 October 2012

My Dream Home Gym

Hello!!!! Its Thursday already, October has really flown by for me, probably because I have been wishing the days away till my holiday next week! I've had a good week so far especially today when I tried my first crossfit workout but more on that later. The first part of the this post is sponsored by 
powerhouse fitness sell fitness equipment and asked me to do a post about what I would like in my very own home gym. Gosh this is actually a dream of mine I would love to have a spare room and enough money to have my own home gym so this was quite easy for me to put together as there are certain things I dream about owning!

The first thing that would take pride of place would be a spin bike! Oh yes I would love to have a spin bike, its one of my favorite forms of cardio but I rarely get the time to get to a class which sucks! I would also love to have a treadmill they are great for warm ups, running, hill climbs and cool downs so would definitely be a must for me! One more cadrio/strength/toning piece of equipment I would really want would be a punch bag I love boxing for cardio but also its a great stress reliever! The last two pieces I chose were firstly a barbell I chose this because I love using a barbell to workout especially weighted squats and lunges, and lastly I would have some kettlebells, so great for getting fit quick and burning calories and fat fast!

The above things would make me very happy to work out at home everyday maybe even twice a day! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that one day I will have my own gym and I will have this equipment! 

What would be in your dream home gym?

Right now onto some food porn!
Yesterday I actually slept through my alarm (VERY unlike me!) which meant I woke up way to late to get to Bikram which sucked but I must have needed it! I managed to get up just in time to get ready for work in the shop and hit the road to Brighton

I ate breakfast there, I had no time at home! I had leftover beef, carrot sticks and avocado. This was so delicious and super filling!

For lunch I had a sweet pot with tuna, olives and spinach, I also had a piece of my courgette loaf which didn't make it to a photo!

I got home pretty late due to rubbish traffic so threw together a quick dinner of smoked mackerel, boiled egg and veggies. Followed by a few squares of dark chocolate!

This morning I slept till 8am (again needed!) then got up and made breakfast. I had a blueberry, pineapple and coconut smoothie with a cinnamon omelet which turned out to be perfect fuel for my first crossfit workout!!!!!!!!

I have been wanting to try crossfit for ages but its not really that common in little towns well its basically non existent! So when the guy that used to teach me kickboxing told me he had started doing sessions I knew I needed to jump on that train! He invited me to a free taster session which I said yes to straight away! Here is what I did:

My first set was the above and as you can see I got quicker each time which I was very pleased with! My times 4.07 to 4.04 to 3.42 boom!

And my second sequence was this which I did in 5 minutes! Ed said I did really well and I felt great after! I am actually going to be signing up for some private sessions when i get back from Berlin which will be part of my Operation 31 (I will explain in due course!)

When I got home I was definitely ready for lunch! I used the last of my leftover beef mince and mixed it with mushrooms, cabbage and topped with avocado, amazing!

I now need to get ready for my ladies fitness class, workout number 2 bring it on! After having 2 rest days I am needing a good exercise kick! 

Have you tried crossfit?

If you have a class near by I highly recommend you have a try x

Injuries are extremely common when doing exercising at the gym. If you injure something such as a knee badly it might be a good idea to visit a specialist practice for sporting injuries to check there is no long lasting damage. There are several private hospitals in kent where you can get more information on an appointment if you feel you need treatment.


  1. A crossfit box opened u in my area about a week after I joined my current gym: doh! Really can't afford to do both. Thinking I shod probably get a bit fitter before giving crossfit a go, although I do similar workouts myself, just definitely not as hardcore!

    1. It's for all abilities and gets you fit quick!! X

  2. You lucky thing I would love to try cross fit!