Monday, 22 October 2012

Mince And More Mince

For some reason today hasn't felt like a Monday its felt like a Tuesday, not sure why but I just keep thinking its Tuesday! Probably because my holiday has started and other than a few client sessions I'm a free agent, good times! I have had a great day good food, a good workout and some chill time. 

I wanted to share some yumminess from yesterday before talking about today's food......

Lunch yesterday was one of those meals I just threw together but turned out super tasty! I had some leftover soup, not enough for a meal, so I warmed it up and added some steamed broccoli and a couple of gf/df sausages. This was also really filling and perfect after my heavy upper body strength workout I did at the gym : )

Dale made bolognese for dinner which was lovely, I had mine with corgette and carrot ribbons instead of pasta and garlic bread (Dales choices!)

We spent the evening watching Sons of Anarchy which by the way is a great programme. If you like boys in leather on bikes watch it! I also had a friend cuddling up me, how cute!?

This morning I made a scramble with leftover sausages and mushrooms and had 1/2 and avocado and cucumber on the side

I spent the morning just chilling with the cats

This lunch I could eat everyday it was sooooooooo good! Ribbons of steamed carrot and courgette with organic bacon and spring onions I also mixed in some vegan pesto, taste sensation!

After this had settled I met my client at the gym and we had a heavy leg session, my thighs are still screaming! It was great ha ha

Then for dinner I had more mince, tonights was spicy with indian flavors and leftover courgette on a bed of herby cabbage. Wow loved it!

Quite a colourful day of eats and all super satisfying.

I am up early tomorrow to train a client at 6am then my day is free until 5pm when I have another client to train plus straight after I will be doing my fitness class.

I hope you have all had a good start to the week x x x


Do you eat mince, what is your favorite way to eat it?


  1. I go through phases with mince, I do quite like it, but like varyng what I eat, and I don't want to eat too much red meat, which is why turkey mince has become a staple recently. I do fancy making a chili this week, and after seeing your pictures, I might make bolognase, or maybe a carb free lasagne too!

  2. I just ate some mince for the first time in years at the weekend, it was delish!

  3. Do you like vegan pesto? I'm not so sure about it...I do prefer the regular one, but maybe I'm just being too conservative...

    1. I love it but I don't eat the regular kind. There is a particular one I use here and it's glorious!