Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Meat Calling

Well I find it funny how the body seems to change and what you think you don't want actually you do, I'm not trying to confuse you so bare with me! Hello by the way : )

I hope you all have started the week on a good note I certainly did, yesterday I had the day in Hastings training clients and having my hair done again, a little more blonde. I only took one photo yesterday of my food which was this:

My delicious breakfast of mushrooms, avocado and scramble egg, this was perfect and once I had let it settle became perfect fuel for my home medicine ball workout! After training clients I spent the day with my sister and good friend Emmali who did my hair. In the evening I hung out with Dale it was our 1 year anniversary! Can't believe it : )

Today after a restless night due to the crazy weather I decided to skip my early yoga class and have this as a rest day, still suffering from the weekend followed by an early morning Monday has left me VERY tired so I think I needed the extra hour today!

This meant I could have breakfast at home, which was boiled eggs, broccoli and mushrooms so good and so filling, a great start to the day.

I worked in the shop today and as it was delivery day we were quite busy

For lunch I fed my sweet potato addiction. I had it with mackerel and salad, a little later I had some unpictured chopped apple with coconut, cinnamon and tahini fab combo!

Ok when I started this post it probably made no sense so I will explain. If you read my blog you will know I did a paleo challenge which left me feeling a little meat heavy you can read my recap here. I have not really eaten any meat since then this weekend I fancied some chicken and today........

Beef! Yep I really had the calling for some beef mince if I am honest I kind of miss eating a little more meat so maybe my body is telling something? I am learning to just go with it and tonight enjoyed some organic beef mince with a tomato and olive sauce on top of a pile of veg. It was really yummy but my eyes where bigger then my belly and I have breakfast tomorrow sorted!


Do you find your body calling for foods you don't usually choose?


  1. Aww congrats on your anniversary with Dale! That's lovely :-) Well I have been craving red meat like a crazy person so yep I can relate to that!

  2. Ha ha I wanted it even more after reading your post!!! X

  3. I love your food so much! Healthy and colourful x