Thursday, 11 October 2012

Gloomy Thursday

Hello on this gloomy Thursday, where did the sunshine go it teased us with a beautiful day and has now hidden its self away again : (

On the bright side I have eaten some colourful yummy foods which makes up for the grey day! Yesterday I had a hospital appointment before work which meant I couldn't go to yoga and I was up before the gym opened so I took advantage of the rain free day and went for a run. I ran along the seafront and on the way back watched the sun come up which was a fab start to the day!

When I got home I freshened up then had a yummy smoothie, this had 1 banana, coconut milk, 1/2 avocado, frozen berries and a little water. I topped it with a mixture of seeds.

After my hospital appointment I made my way to Brighton to work in the shop.

For lunch I had this yummy combo, sweet pot and tahini! I love this so yummy plus the cucumber and carrot add a nice crunch : )

I trained a client after work then drove home and had a bowl of soup with another socca

I am doing my fitness class later so I didn't have to get up super early which was nice. I got up around 8ish and had a smoothie. I decided to have a bit of a cleanse day so popped to the shops to get some fruit and veg for juicing and smoothies. I had a juice for lunch with some sliced apple and carrot with almond butter for dippage! I have slipped back into old habits, eating a little to much sugar and having to many treats so a couple of days of super clean eating should make me feel better and get me back on track : )

I have a client to get to for 5 then my class, looking forward to get my sweat on later! 
Enjoy the rest of your Thursday x x


Do you have any weekend plans?

I have a packed Saturday coming up, I'm going to see my friends new house in the morning, lunch with Dale then its Hastings Bonfire Night so I shall be going out to watch the procession and fireworks. I can't wait I love fireworks!


  1. All food looks amazing :)

    I was wondering, how long have you eaten like this and is it hard to maintain, in terms of food prices and time?

    I'm a student i can only dream of creating food like yours.

    1. I've eaten like this for years now and yes it can be expensive but this month I have been doing healthy eating on a budget and to be honest it can be done! I'll be blogging about it at the end if the month with some tips x

  2. I know its gone so dull up here too :-( I'm looking forward to the weekend this week has been a tough one! I want to move the furniture about in our living room and measure it ready for decorating!

  3. Why do Hastings have their bonfire so early? It is nearly a month away yet! Just wondered.
    Glad you got a run in this morning, that is always a lovely way to start the day.

    1. Basically Hastings has the first bonfire of the season, we start it off then each weekend till the 5th a different town has theirs x

    2. Oh I see, that makes more sense!

  4. The weather has been miserable here too, it's so cold!

  5. I'm coming down to Brighton Uni open day! :) And of course to see my grandparents too :)

  6. I really wish I had a juicer, they look so refreshing!