Sunday, 21 October 2012


Hello from the very grey south coast of England!
This weekend has been pretty uneventful but with the weather not playing ball its kind of ok : ) Before I tell you about what I've been up to I want to spread a little sunshine and share with you a belated review!

For ages and ages now I have read American foodie blogs and looked with envy at the chobani yogurts they all seem to eat. So when contacted and told they would be going on sale this side of the pond and would I like to review some I said a big YES! They have plain greek yogurt or plain and fruit...........

The yogurt is thick and creamy and when mixed with the fruit that lies at the bottom of the pop turns into a taste sensation for the tongue!

Yes these yogurts are GOOD really good. If you like greek yogurt you will love these either the plain or the fruit ones.

My favorite was the pomegranate but all where lovely. I don't generally eat much dairy but I would definitely eat these again if I fancied a thick creamy delicious yogurt : )

Now lets talk food, exercise and the weekend............

Saturday I got up early and drove to Brighton to train a client before working in the shop. 
Usually working Saturdays in the shop is hell as its the longest day of the week and even though its only an extra hour the day seems to drag on for ever! But yesterday was my last day until the 2nd of November (due to holiday!!) so it seemed to fly by!

I had breakfast when I got to the shop, eggs, 1/2 avocado and carrots.

It was pretty quite but me and Paul chatted the day away!

For lunch I had a mini sweet pot, smoked mackerel and salad. Delish!

After work I popped home to grab some dinner and overnight stuff because I am staying at my sisters looking after..........

Kitty nieces! Yep I am on kitty duty and I love it, we hung out and chilled on the sofa together, it was bliss : )

This morning I woke up to a cat licking my face which was lovely! I guessed it was  breakfast time so after sorting the cats I made some for myself. I had a bacon and spring onion omelet with mushrooms and cucumber. Wow I really enjoyed this plus I am only now starting to feel a bit peckish so this has great staying power! (I ate this at 8.30am its now 2.30pm!)

I met my client at the gym and we had an upper body onslaught! It felt amazing to be getting my sweat on today, roll on the next 3 days of workouts and clean eating : )

The weeks workouts have been a disappointment to be honest but as usual I will share my week:

Monday: Medicine ball home workout
Tuesday: OFF : (
Wednesday: OFF : (
Thursday: Cross fit + 1hr ladies fitness workout
Friday: OFF : (
Saturday: OFF : (
Sunday: Gym

So as you can see a little disappointing, I did walk about 40/60 minutes on the days off but its not like getting a good sweaty workout. This is why I am looking forward to a good 3 days of full on workout sweat fests! I will also be taking my workout stuff on holiday with me, Dale is against any sort of working out especially on holiday but luckily the friend we are going to stay with isn't so while Dale lays in we can workout! I will be telling you more about my holiday in the next next couple of days so for now I wish you fab Sunday afternoon x x x


Have you tried Chobani yet?

Like greek yogurt? TRY IT!


  1. 0% Fat Greek Yogurt: what my life would be without it?

  2. To be honest I'm not hugely impressed with the Cho, its a bit too sugary for me unfortunately!

  3. I didn't like Chobani, I think I expected too much from it after all the US foodie hype. Your omelet looks delicious!

  4. I liked the cherry one and the blood orange one the best. They are sweet, but the plain ones are good. I wasn't a fan of the pomegranate seeds- I thought they were a bit too solid for being in yoghurt, but I did think they were very creamy.