Friday, 19 October 2012


Yay we made it to the weekend!
This week has gone so fast, I have been real busy which has lead to me doing way less exercise then I like. I have to be honest I feel a little crappy from this, I love my exercise and not doing my usual routine has left me feeling blahhhhhhh! Even though my thighs are screaming after yesterdays cross fit session!

This morning I had to train a client before heading to Brighton to work in the shop so no exercise for me!

I had 2 boiled eggs and avocado when I arrived at work, I did have a rice cake and almond butter on my way in the car too!

Lunch today was a mini sweet pot with mackerel and some veggies

Smoked mackerel is a favorite of mine and this combo rocks!

A little later I had a chopped apple mixed with tahini, cinnamon and coconut, this tastes so nice and the flavors go so well together : )

When I got home I had some homemade butternut squash soup, which was amazing! I added some extra steamed sprouts and rice cakes with almond butter for dipping

I have another client to train before work in the shop tomorrow so again so session for me, I can't wait till Sunday when I get to go to the gym and workout full throttle! 

I also plan a good 3 days of exercise before my holiday on Thursday! 

Have a fab Saturday peeps x x


Do you feel crappy when you can't do your normal amount of exercise?


  1. May I ask what brand rice cakes & almond butter you typically use are?

    1. Hello I use kallo rice cakes and My almond butter x

  2. Yes! This week I have parents evenings at work, so I will miss my usual sweatshop run and body pump because I will still be at work, which is really annoying. But luckily it does not happen too often.

    1. I'm not alone!! I know roll on tomorrow workout Sunday!!! X

  3. Yes I hate it when I miss my exercise, I definitely feel worse off for it!