Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Another Cute Kitty

Good evening, rather a late post tonight but as I don't have to be up at 5am I figured there was still time to pop in and say hello! Its been a long day but before we talk about that I have a couple of photos from yesterday to share............

A very pretty smoothie, love the colour of this bowl of joy!

Homemade veggie soup with a sweet pot filled with almond butter and a leftover egg yolk

Awwwwwww and my clients new kitty! So cute!!!!!
I love going round to my clients houses and hanging out with their feline friends!

Right onto today, I was up early to get to yoga for 7am, I have pulled a muscle somehow at the top of my back but Bikram soothed it a little but its still pretty sore : (

I worked in the shop afterward and ate breakfast there, tuna with avocado and carrots

For lunch i had a sweet pot with roasted veg, this was so good!

For dinner I had a bowl of soup with a mushroom socca on the side

I am working in the shop again tomorrow but I have a hospital appointment in the morning so will be going. Then after I am training a client so I doubt I'll be around tomorrow so have a good Wednesday peeps and don't forget to enter my giveaway I announce the winner at the weekend : )


What foods are top of the favorite list for you at the moment?

For me sweet pots, almond butter, soup and smoothies of course!


  1. Such a cute kitty! I am loving sweet potatoes too at the moment, so autumnal! x

  2. I am obsessed with chia and coconut oil but what's new... ;)

    By the way the days of my blog were numbered so this is my health coaching website. ;)


  3. I have to say I think my fave foods are the same as yours right now!