Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Shop Is Still Standing!

Hello, I am thankfully happy to report the shop is still standing and we will be open tomorrow! 
The workmen have fixed the roof and the shop has dried pretty much so fingers crossed we will be ok from now but with the continuous rain its still touch and go. 

This morning I got up super early to get to Bikram for 7am, the drive was horrendous, rain so hard I could barely see the road but I made it in time and had a fab class!

When I got to work I had some carrot sticks, sweet pot and almond butter. This is so good and real filling!

The day was spent doing not a lot to be honest other than chatting with my work colleague : )

For lunch I had peppered mackerel with salad followed by an apple with coconut flakes and cinnamon

Then when I got home I made a pepper and mushroom scramble with leftover white fish and broccoli, delicious and quick to throw together : )

I have a long day tomorrow starting with a 7am Bikram class, work at the shop then I will be going straight round to my sisters to train her and her hubby. I am looking forward to my class tomorrow morning more then usual but you'll have to wait to find out why! 


What are you looking forward to tomorrow?


  1. I am looking forward to my Sweatshop run later- although I am hoping it won't be raining too hard!

  2. That pepper mackerel looks very tasty, I have to make it sometime. It's been really too long since I had my last bit of it!