Monday, 3 September 2012

Paleo Loaf Recipe and a Belated Foodie Penpal Post!

I hope the week has started well for you and there are no Monday blues : )
If there have been then let me cheer you up with this yummy Paleo loaf recipe. I got the basic recipe from this fab blogger Krish. She rights a great blog on being Paleo and why she has been converted, if you are thinking of trying it out I would definitely recommend taking a look at her blog : )

Paleo Loaf


200g ground almonds
2tsp baking powder
2dsp apple sauce
4 eggs
chopped walnuts
1 grated carrot
1/2 cup frozen blueberries


Mix together the almonds, baking powder and apple sauce into a paste (you can add another egg or some almond milk if its too thick). Add the carrot, then the blueberries and walnuts (leave some for the top). Pour the mix into a loaf tin then sprinkle with the remaining walnuts. Put in a pre-heated oven a gas mark 4 for about 30 minutes. Mine took 40 but my oven sucks! Check by putting in skewer if it comes out clean your loaf is good to go : )

If you are used to sweet cakes this will be a bit of a shock as its really NOT sweet! In Krish's recipe there is honey so this would obviously be sweeter than mine but as sugar including honey is off the menu for me I used apple sauce but that really doesn't make it sweet.

I actually really like this loaf, its perfect for a go to snack when your feeling the need for something sweet, I have been having it with a little apple sauce on top which sweetens it up a bit and also makes a fab pudding!

Belated Foodie Penpal Post!

With all the Paleo planning this side of the screen I totally forgot to blog about my Foodie Penpal package!!!!! I am sorry and will be back on the ball this month! My package came from a lovely lady called Andrea this month and I love it!

In my package there was: sea vegetable rice cakes, a little make it yourself rice meal, prawn and vegetable crackers, unami paste and a pack of mint tea!

I think a lot of thought went into the pack and everything except the tea was something new to me which is fab!

I sent goodies to Germany and I hope they got there!

Today has been another day full of delicious food but I will be posting it tomorrow. I have had a killer headache today which I tried to sweat out in the gym earlier which didn't really work, I did have a great workout though! Its a common thing to get whilst starting this plan so I shall continue to keep hydrated and hope it shifts : )


Do you ever go on a sugar/caffeine detox and get symptoms?

I usually drink about 3 coffees a day and sugar is a regular offender too so I guess my body is just reacting : )


  1. I've tended to be surprised at the lack of detox headache I get when I do 'detox' but I do think my coffee consumption has gone through the roof so if I tried it now it would probably be bad! That bread looks delicious :-)

  2. Ahh that bread looks yummy. I bet it's really filling as well. Nom nom nom.

  3. Love the look of that bread! will be testing it out this weekend I think!

  4. That umami paste is brillant but you only need the tiniest aamount - lasts ages! Great parcel and great recipe, thanks!

  5. The loaf looks great! I'm going to give the apple sauce a go as I'm finding the honey a bit too sweet these days. X

  6. Also, have you managed to find an almond milk without added sugar? I have been using coconut milk but fancied a change. All the almond milks I see have sugar as their second ingredient!

  7. Hi Tam, I am a new reader of ur blog. I am finding my way around with paleo and when I have been mostly paleo I do tend to feel heaps better with a huge sense of wellbeing. Your blog is really good and interesting. I will definitely be trying this recipe. Meanwhile you mention another good source of info from someone called Krish - do you have the blog name? I am just soaking up all the information i can at this stage.:)