Saturday, 29 September 2012

Its The Weekend!

Hey its the weekend!!!!!!!!!
Just in case you had forgotten that is! I am very happy its the weekend as I have it off which means a very happy Tamzin. Well I had to work for an hour this morning but personal training is the kind of work I love so its like having the whole the weekend off : )

First up I will share some yummy foods from the past couple of days.......

I have found my love for smoked pepper mackerel again, saying good bye for meat for a while I am still on my Paleo challenge till Monday so I am looking to fish and eggs for my main protein sources and whilst shopping earlier in the week I came across some mackerel and remembered how much I love it!

It is so flavorsome that you just need some pain steamed veggies to accompany it to make the perfect meal. It is also pretty cheap, 4 pieces for just over £2 pretty good compared to meat!

Yesterday I had time before work to make breakfast and boy did I make a belter! Blueberry coconut smoothie in a bowl which is so sooooo simple to make a pretty amazing! I literally put some low fat coconut milk (was all I had usually I use full fat!), frozen blueberries, 1 small banana and a little water into the blender and whizzed it up. I also had a cinnamon omelet which was 2 whole eggs and about 1tsp of cinnamon fried in a little coconut oil. I obviously dipped the omelet in the smoothie and it was DELICIOUS! I highly recommend you doing the same : )

For lunch I had a mini sweet pot with tuna mixed with herbs and a little sesame oil with cucumber and mushrooms, a while later I had an apple with coconut flakes and seeds.

Then for dinner I had some homemade soup with a leftover carrot and courgette fritters! The fritters were very yummy and again simple and quick to make. I used 1 egg, just under 1/4 cup almond flour, some grated courgette and spices mixed up then fried in a little coconut oil perfect! Another one I think you should try : )

This morning I got up early had another smoothie this time coconut and mixed berry before driving to Brighton and going to the 9am Bikram class. To be honest I had a rough class, my body is super sore and stiff from Thursdays gym workout (I killed me and my client!). I thought the heat would help, which I think it has, but at the time I was not feeling it! The heat was not my friend today either and I was happy when the last breathing exercise came around!

After class I popped to the health food shop and grabbed some coconut water that was offer to rehydrate my angry body then I trained my client in the sun which brought the smiles back : )

I had a very late lunch but very tasty, sardine and courgette fritter with veggies. Before Dale came to pick me up, we are staying at my sisters looking after my favorite kitty nieces till tomorrow night, yay!

I have some homemade soup leftover for our dinner and X Factor will be on the box, love it!

Tomorrow I have some baking planed but other than that a lazy day will be had hanging with the man and cats my kind of Sunday : )


What are you doing/done this weekend?

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  1. Wow you are having beautiful weather :)

    1. It was glorious yesterday not so much today!

  2. I did some yoga yesterday and I'm going horse riding today. I made homemade sweet potato soup last night, which I will be blogging about later :). I had a little treat at the cinema last night, only one choc bar not a massive bag of popcorn, as I'd been healthy all day yesterday and Friday. I cooked both nights, omelette on fri and soup last night, I'd exercised wed, thurs and fri, so I think one chocolate bar was ok and today I'm all healthy again :). Just because it's the weekend doesn't mean you have to go mad with food and drink. Balance is key :). Have a happy Sunday :) x

  3. Wow busy bee! Yes balance is definitely key x

  4. I bought some of that coconut water in Infinity as well and I love it! Definitely now my fave brand :-) Love the sound of that smoothie, coconut milk in smoothies is so delicious :-)

  5. I fancy some mackerel now, I might have to pick some up, although I already have salmon and cod planned for this week!

    1. Oooooo you should mackerel is the best!! X