Monday, 17 September 2012

Happy Monday Peeps!

Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!
I have had a great start to my Monday already but more on that in a bit a little rewind first to my Sunday...........

We enjoyed a yummy Sunday breakfast of spinach and olive omelet with carrot sticks, great after my morning run/power walk.

I hung out for a bit at home mid morning then Dale came to get me after picking up my favorite doggy friend : )

Awwwww I love Blue!

We took him for a walk in the woods, another good hour walk for me!

Cake stop! We shared a slice of my Blueberry Almond loaf on route

After our long wood walk we went home to chill with a very tired dog!

For dinner we ate a salmon fillet with tomato pesto veggies, delicious

This morning I was up bright and early to get to the gym. I did a sweaty PHA session followed by a walk to the supermarket to get some bits

Then home for a yummy breakfast, curried spicy chicken with tahini, carrots and olive.

I have an exciting day ahead which will be revealed soon so on that note I shall bid you a very Happy Monday!!!!!


How did you start your Monday?


  1. Oh hope you have a fab day! I'm working from home trying to bottom out a few projects I'm working on and trying not to think too much about all the things I want to do in Brighton next week!

  2. Oh I am intrigued and cannot wait to hear about your special day!