Monday, 10 September 2012

Finally A Blog Post!

WOW! Its been nearly a week since I have come to say hello, apologies I have been so busy and pretty tired I just haven't had time to drop by but I am back and hopefully will be dropping in a little more this week : )

My manager has been off at the shop so I have been working extra days, plus evening training, spending time with the boy and so on, its been non stop! I have some yummy food to share with you from the past week, my paleo challenge has been going really well, no cheats just sticking to the plan. I am loving eating this way and am considering this a way of life for me, I will be reintroducing coffee after the 30 days though I miss it so much! Right lets get to the food shall we.......


Sardine omelet with beets and cucumber. Love this combo and its really filling!

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cucumber

Scramble egg with turmeric cauliflower, yummy loving veggies for breakfast!

Today I had another sardine omelet, never tire of this one : )

When I am at home I love to have a hot eggy breakfast, when I have to work at the shop I usually have some chicken and carrots or boiled eggs and veggies, something that easy to take with me.


Chicken with spinach and left over swede chips! OMG these swede chips are so good I literally cut up a whole small swede into chips and roasted with herbs and garlic.

Lemon and herb salmon fillet and a giant salad.

Left over salmon and 1/2 chicken breast salad with avocado.

Chicken and olive salad.

Today's salad was AMAZING! Turmeric and garlic chicken with tahini and a giant salad, I could eat this everyday no problem!


Chicken and turmeric cauliflower plus olives.

On Saturday night me and Dale went to my sisters for dinner and she made a fabulous asian salad bowl with crispy salad and a perfectly seared tuna steak. God I loved this meal and it was so pretty always a winner!

Last night I made some spicy turkey with veggies and a sprinkle of hemp seeds. Another yummy dish and Dale loved it!

Last week wasn't only yummy food I had a great workout week and didn't actually have a rest day, not purposely it just happened that way. I haven't felt bad for it, though this week I will definitely be scheduling one in! I like to have a day where my muscles can rest and heal, this is what I got up too:

Monday: Gym - strength full body workout
Tuesday: Gym - circuit
Wednesday: Bikram
Thursday: Morning: Gym upper body strength
Evening: Fitness class - cardio/circuit
Friday: Bikram
Saturday: 2 mile run + bench press ups and dips
Sunday: Bikram

A good mix me thinks, I went to the gum today and am waiting for my lunch to settle a little more before heading out for another 2 mile run.

I am in Brighton for the next 4 days but then have the weekend off!!!! I can't wait the whole weekend off which will be spent with Dale which is gonna be great : )

Ok if your still with me I pretty sure your nearly feeling a sleep so I shall bid you farewell and wish you a great week!


Do you schedule in rest days or just go with the flow even if that means no rest?

Before becoming a PT I would feel guilty if I had a day off from exercise but these days I do try and make myself have a day or even 2 off. Its so important for your muscles to have a day to heal and get ready for the next onslaught! Days off don't have to mean that you don't move either a light walk is good to keep your muscles moving but the exercise should be light and not strenuous : )

P.S One last thing! If you would like to try out my Autumnal Pancakes check out this post!


  1. Oh I love swede chips! Now that is proper autumn I feel like I can eat them again :-) Glad to hear the challenge is going well for you!

  2. Great eats! The challenge sounds great for breaking an sugar addictions. I'd miss carbs so much though. xxx

  3. Great post - I now have lots of inspiration for paleo breakfasts! x

  4. Your food looks fab! I'm also thinking of carrying on with this way of eating, but maybe a little less strict.

  5. This may sound like a stupid/annoying question, but anyhoo, can you please share exactly what goes into, & how you make your sardine omelette? I'd love to try it.

  6. This may sound like a stupid/annoying question, but anyhoo, can you please share exactly what goes into, & how you make your sardine omelette? I'd love to try it.

    1. Yeah no problem! The omelet is made with 1can of sardines in Tom sauce (no added sugar) 1/2 eggs depending how hungry you are, mixed herbs, a squirt of Tom purée. Mush the sardines up add the egg and herbs/purée, which up the add to a non stick per heated pan with a little coconut oil. Enjoy x

  7. Catching up with blog posts... woooo your paleo challenge sounds exciting!! Do you know Sara Wilson? She has a great blog and she eats paleo too