Monday, 24 September 2012

Falling Down Ceilings

Hello peeps, I hope your week has started well even if the weather has sucked!
Crazy change from Saturday hey! But we are in England so we kind of expect it, ha ha

I am going to recap from yesterday first because I couldn't blog due to my internet connection hating me! My Sunday started well, I drove to Brighton early to get to my 9am Bikram class before work at the shop. I had a great class and am getting so much better at all of the postures which is great : )

When I got to work I refueled with a boiled egg and a carrot with almond butter. Our morning was going fine until water started pouring in through the ceiling and it collapsed! Yes my shop has been totally flooded it was horrendous we had to shut shop and literally move and cover all the furniture!

Lunch time came and I ate my chicken salad at the back of the shop praying the rain would stop!
It did for a bit but the damage was unfortunately already done and with today's rain its not looking good.

When I got home I had a delicious butternut squash omelet with veg, nice and easy : )

This morning I got up and was at my clients by 6am, afterward I went to the gym and had a fab strength session.

Home again I made another butternut squash omelet it was so tasty I couldn't resist! 

I rang into work to find out the news and its not good, but I shall be there tomorrow to help man the phone and clear up : (

Right I will finish off with my recap of last weeks exercise as I wasn't around to do it yesterday:

Monday: Gym Full Body Workout
Tuesday: Bikram
Wednesday: Bikram
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Seafront Run - Hill/Step Climb - Seafront Run
Saturday: Cleaned House/Rest Day
Sunday: Bikram

Pretty good week if I do say so myself! Here's to another one!


Have you had any disruptions from this crazy wind and rain?!


  1. Gosh that sounds scary!!! I hope no one was hurt!! xx

  2. Oh no! I hope the shop will be ok. Loving your new blonde locks.

  3. Those butternut squash omelettes sounds DELICIOUS! I will be trying those for sure!