Saturday, 22 September 2012

Blog Nightmares!

Arrgggghhh what a nightmare I have been having with my beloved blog. I have had to upgrade to the new style blogger and it has been a little confusing but I think I have it sussed! Fingers crossed it will now be plain sailing. The past 24hrs has been hell I thought I had lost my blog and all the hard work I had done! Its all smiles now though : )

A little rewind to yesterday, I had an amazing breakfast which you need to see!

Almond and coconut pancake with a bowl of berry and coconut "ice cream" for dipping and general loveliness! The pancake was literally almond flour, coconut flour, 1 egg and some baking powder and the "ice cream" was made from frozen berries and coconut milk, amazing!

Last nights dinner was pretty awesome too, turmeric, herby garlic chicken with courgette noodles and spinach

This morning after a seafront run/very steep step/hill run/seafront run I got home and had a yummy breakfast. A giant courgette, spinach and olive omelet with cucumber perfect! 

The rest of my day has been spent the my sister and friend Emmali having a girlie time watching Bronson! Oh yes that is my kind of girlie day a Tom Hardy fix yum!

My sister made a glorious lunch for us. Peppered and mustard salmon with salad, fresh and delish!

I had more chicken for dinner and am now hanging out with my flatmate Wayne. Maybe another film is on the cards but who knows its just nice chilling out with him : )

I have tomorrow off which is going to be spent with Wayne we are planning an Autumn "spring clean" of our flat! We needed a day off together to do it and tomorrow is the day plus it means we get to hang out which is always fun! 


What have got planned for this weekend?

Saturday clean up, Sunday work : )

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  1. Oh no what a nightmare about your blog- hopefully you have it sorted.
    Today I have cleaning (done lots already), did some planting, had a run, some work to do but also a pop to the shops, and maybe some baking. TOmorrow the weather is meant to be awful so I might have a short run, and then the rest of the day will be inside baking, watching the grand prix and generally relaxing.